KUAS at a glance

Kyoto University of Advanced Science (KUAS) can look back on a 50-year history as an accredited private educational institution in the academic heartland of Japan. To take the next step and challenge on the global scale, KUAS invited a top-notch CEO of a Kyoto-based globally successful firm as chairman, aiming to offer its academic resources in the international arena. The establishment of an innovative English-taught engineering program is one major example of these efforts, as KUAS continues to strengthen its commitment to being at the apex of modern education.

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KUAS in Numbers

50 - KUAS celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2019 with a brand new school name.

2 - We have two homes. Uzumasa campus in West Kyoto and Kameoka campus in Kameoka city.

1 - KUAS hosts the 1st multidisciplinary all-English Faculty of Engineering in Japan.

50-50 - One of our visions for the Faculty of Engineering: 50% international students, 50% female students.

10,000+ - The number of international students in Kyoto. A truly global city!

35% - 35% of the professors in the KUAS Faculty of Engineering are from overseas.

264,365m² - The total area of our two campuses.

2020 - KUAS launched its new Faculty of Engineering with its own brand-new faculty building.

10% - Approximately 1 out of 10 people in Kyoto city is a university student. This rate is the highest in Japan!

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The number of students in all the Faculties at KUAS (As of September 2022)
3,652 students

Faculty of Engineering 470
Faculty of Economics and Business Administration 1314
Faculty of Humanities 630
Faculty of Bioenvironmental Science 506
Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences 732
Total 3652

The number of students in all the Graduate Schools at KUAS (As of September 2022)
82 students

Graduate School of Engineering 36
Graduate School of Economics 14
Graduate School of Business Administration 17
Graduate School of Human Culture 8
Graduate School of Bioenvironmental Science 7
Total 82

The number of international students at KUAS (As of September 2022)
274 students (including exchange students, special students, etc.)

China 64
Indonesia 23
Ukraine 22
Thailand 20
India 15
Bangladesh 14
Sri Lanka 12
United States 11
Philippines 11
Korea 10
Nepal 7
Malaysia 6
Mexico 6
Vietnam 5
Myanmar 5
Taiwan 4
Mongolia 4
France 3
Egypt 3
Russia 3
Uganda 2
Georgia 2
Pakistan 2
Bulgaria 2
Poland 2
Jordan 2
Angola 1
United Kingdom 1
Ecuador 1
El Salvador 1
Kazakhstan 1
Canada 1
Cote d'Ivoire 1
Switzerland 1
Sweden 1
Tanzania 1
Norway 1
Brazil 1
Peru 1
Bolivia 1
Total 274

The number of faculty members at KUAS
189 members
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