Faculty of Engineering


Dr. Shigeru Horii

Shigeru Horii obtained his B.E., M.E. and Dr. Eng. from Nagoya University in 1994, 1996 and 1999, respectively. Previously, he worked at the University of Tokyo (1999-2009), the Kochi University of Technology (2009-2013), and Kyoto University (2013-2019). An experienced scholar, he has worked for more than 25 years in the academic field of functional oxide materials with low-dimensional crystal structure on the basis of materials science and solid state physics, and has published more than 300 papers related to the above field. Furthermore, he has extensive experience as a committee member in domestic scientific societies and international conferences.

Shigeru is currently engaged in the research of magnetic alignment in layered functional materials. Especially, he focuses on the development of linear-drive type of modulated rotating magnetic field and precise understanding of magnetic alignment behavior in dispersed medium. He is also interested in the researches related to magnetic field control using a simulation technique for the magnetic alignment and materials science of the superconductivity and feeble magnetic materials.

He will be involved with basic subjects in Physics as a professor of the Faculty of Engineering, and is excited about the big challenge to contribute to fostering the next generation of engineers as part of KUAS’ unique program. The department welcomes students who are interested in the fields of electronics, mechanics and related science.

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