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Graduate Deadlines

Admission Schedules for September 2023 Enrollment

Early Entry

Pre-application review* October 3 to November 4, 2022
Applications open November 7, 2022
Applications close December 9, 2022
Online Interviews Mid-December, 2022 to late-January, 2023
Offers and Scholarship proposals released February 17, 2023
Final offer acceptance deadline March 17, 2023

Regular Entry

Pre-application review* December 1, 2022 to January 27, 2023
Applications open February 1, 2023
Applications close February 17, 2023
Online Interviews Late-February to mid-March, 2023
Offers and Scholarship proposals released April 28, 2023
Final offer acceptance deadline May 19, 2023

*All graduate school applicants must go through pre-application review via the KUAS Online Application System before applying. This is to ensure that students can receive proper supervision for their desired research topic during their study at KUAS. Please see the Application Guidelines for more details.

After receiving an offer of admission

Once we have reviewed all applications, offers of admission will be sent to successful candidates. Those candidates will then be required to complete enrollment payments and submit certain required documents by the deadlines listed below. Please ensure all necessary documents and payments are submitted by their deadline, as failing to do so may result in a withdrawal of our offer of admission. Please ensure that you have sufficient funds before applying.

Early Entry

First Payment Deadline (*1) March 17, 2023
Second Payment Deadline (*2) April 14, 2023
Document Submission Deadline May 12, 2023

Regular Entry

First Payment Deadline (*1) May 19, 2023
Second Payment Deadline (*2) June 9, 2023
Document Submission Deadline

*1: Admission Fee: 200,000JPY
*2: Partial Tuition/Facility/Laboratory Fee: 500,000JPY
All prices are subject to change.

Starting from their second semester, students must pay their tuition and facility fees at the beginning of the semester.