KUAS Professor Sajid Nisar Appears in Kubota Fund Commemorative Video

News Engineering 2020.09.02

Dr. Sajid Nisar, Junior Associate Professor of the Kyoto University of Advanced Science Faculty of Engineering, was selected as a representative of Kubota Yutaka Fund recipients (from among over 300 recipients from 30 countries) and appeared in a video commemorating the 75th anniversary of Nippon Koei Corporation.

The Kubota Fund is a charitable trust fund established by Yutaka Kubota, the founder of Nippon Koei, at his own expense in 1984. The fund aims to contribute to the promotion and development of industrial technology through the training of engineers in developing countries.

Dr. Nisar received the Kubota Fund in 2016 while he was at Kyoto University. His goal is to help his home country of Pakistan, where there is an overwhelming shortage of surgeons, through his research on the application of robotics engineering to medical procedures.

The commemorative videos may be viewed here.

(Tadayuki Imai, Professor, Faculty of Engineering)