Related Faculties

These programs are taught in Japanese. International students will need Japanese ability equivalent to JLPT N2 level or above. Only Engineering courses are taught entirely in English.
New English programs for international students by the Faculty of Bioenvironmental Sciences and the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration will open in 2025.

Faculty of Economics and Business Administration

Department of Economics (Uzumasa Campus)
Department of Business Administration (Uzumasa Campus)

Faculty of Humanities

Department of Psychology (Uzumasa Campus)
Department of Japanese History and Cultural Studies (Uzumasa Campus)

Faculty of Bioenvironmental Sciences

Department of Bioscience and Biotechnology (Kameoka Campus)
Department of Bioenvironmental Design (Kameoka Campus)
Department of Agriculture and Food Technology (Kameoka Campus)

Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

Department of Nursing (Uzumasa Campus)
Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences and Disorders (Uzumasa Campus)
Department of Health and Sports Sciences (Kameoka Campus)

For more information on the above Faculties & Departments, please see our Japanese website: