Faculty of Economics and Business Administration

Through taking on the challenge of a company internship, we are aiming to cultivate open-minded people who have practical business ability.


Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Professor Yoshihiro Tokuga

The Three Components of Modern Business: Economics, Business Administration and Law

Economics and business administration are academic fields from which equip you with the knowledge to study transitions in society, by understanding its mechanisms and building a strong foundation in business. Theories and analytical methods you acquire in study can be practical sciences which will be certain to have practical applications. In addition, the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration of the University offers a curriculum where you can study professional knowledge of the law. Students study the three components of modern business: economics, business administration and law. This provides our students with a well-balanced approach, equipping them with the ability to respond to a multitude of challenges.

Furthermore, the education of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration features a strong practical approach. We provide a variety of opportunities for study, including programs that allow you to develop the ability to use knowledge on-site while gathering work experience at companies in Japan and overseas, initiatives that allow students to develop the ability to overcome challenges by operating shops as well as lectures that invite female entrepreneurs to listen to their experiences. Furthermore, we support our students in acquiring relevant qualifications, including civil servant courses. Utilizing these opportunities for growth will lead to the realization of your desired career options.

What You Can Learn at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration

Two Departments Developing the “Strength” Required to Live and Succeed in the Coming Age

We offer two courses, the Department of Economics and the Department of Business Administration, where we offer courses that allow you to study specialized themes systematically. Courses focus on the acquisition of qualification for civil servants and financial planners, setting development of practical ability at the core of education while the Department of Business Administration focuses on the core of business practices. We will guide every student to be able to acquire the “strength” required to live in the coming age.

Admission Policy

This faculty’s educational goals are to bring up business persons that have a comprehensive understanding of economics and business administration, as well as law. In addition, our goal is to foster this knowledge through practical experience. We seek students whose goals are aligned to these educational objectives. This describes students who can study with strong motivation and independence and who are equipped with the basic academic abilities acquired through their high school curriculum. We are looking for students with the power to utilize those basic academic abilities, in addition to possessing strong communication skills.

  1. Knowledge and skills

    - We seek students that have acquired the foundational knowledge to study economics and business administration.

  2. Ability to think, to judge, and to express oneself

    - We seek students who have the judgement necessary to study economics and study, as well as managing a shop or venture. Furthermore, we are looking for students that have the ability to observe, consider matters in a versatile fashion and have the skills to express themselves.

  3. Attitude toward learning independently and in cooperation with a wide variety of people

    - We seek students who have a robust love of learning, and who can exchange opinions with a diverse range of people with interest in various problems that occur in relation to changes in modern society. Finally, we are looking for students that want to be a part of modern society, and have the desire to improve their English (and other) language skills to accomplish this.

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