Department of Business Administration

Features of the Department

  • A focus on individual instruction through small group seminars, to develop people who can utilize theory of Business Administration in society.
  • Acquire fundamental knowledge of business administration while experiencing the appeal of business.
  • Become a business leader, through establishing a company or succeeding a family-owned business.
  • Become an expert in accounting, creating a path to become a tax accountant or certified public accountant professional.

Using “Integrated Report” to more accurately describe company’s unique strengths,  companies promoting innovation for survival

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Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Department of Business Administration, Associate Professor, FU Xin

Financial statements are indispensable to value companies. However, in most cases, company’s true potential does not depend solely on the visible assets listed on the financial statements. It is especially so for high-tech companies and also start-ups whose deficit often continues for the first several years. This is why there is a new trend among companies to disclose the information of intellectual capital (also called non-financial information), such as leadership, potentiality of R&D, some business knowhow, corporate stewardship, etc., in addition to the traditional financial data, as part of an “Integrated Report” which has been spotlighted in recent years. By incorporating the true innate value of a company, it becomes easier to secure funding from banks and investors. In the field of Business Administration, we are continuously seeking for the best way possible for organizations to survive and succeed.
In the Department of Business Administration, you will learn the latest theories through our curriculum with varied case studies and field projects. All of us - faculty and staff members - hope that you make everything you learn your own.