Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

A practical curriculum setting you up for a professional career in medical science, health and sports!

Dean of the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, Professor Yoshiyuki Watanabe

Instructors with Extensive Experience across a Wide Range of Fields Are Waiting for You.

Japan is experiencing an ageing population and depopulation, leading to a greater demand for health-care professionals, especially in rehabilitation and lifestyle disease. One of these fields is nursing, especially highly-trained nurses with the expertise to respond with advanced medical skills. In addition, demand for speech therapists will increase not only in medical institutions but also in welfare facilities, and personnel that possesses knowledge of health and sports sciences and basic medical science will be required by various organizations, including companies, medical institutions and administrative agencies. The Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences develops these specialists through the Department of Nursing, Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences and Disorders and Department of Health and Sports Sciences. Functional education facilities and instructors with extensive experience across a wide range of fields are waiting for you. We look for students who are motivated to make a difference and lead in the fields of medicine, welfare and sports.

What You Can Learn at Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

To Develop Personnel Who Can Contribute to Health through a Multi-Disciplinary Approach Including the Fields of Medicine, Welfare and Sports.

The Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences has established three departments where you can professionally study health and medicine, developing the knowledge, skills and mind necessary for assuming a leadership role in the fields of medicine, welfare and sports. We offer courses for national examination and certification throughout the four years, including special support in the acquisition of the qualification for the nurse national examination, speech therapist national examination, teacher’s license and health fitness instructor certification.

Admission Policy

Our educational goals are to develop students that, through a specialized knowledge in a variety of health conditions and lifestyle environments, can support and provide care to ensure the healthy life of others. We seek students whose goals are aligned to these educational objectives. This describes students who can study with strong motivation and independence and who are equipped with the basic academic abilities acquired through their high school curriculum. We are looking for students with the power to utilize those basic academic abilities, in addition to possessing strong communication skills.

  1. Knowledge and skills

    - We seek students that have acquired the foundational knowledge to study health and medical science.

  2. Ability to think, to judge, and to express oneself

    - We seek students who can consider things multilaterally and logically, and that have the ability to accurately express and convey their own ideas.

  3. Attitude toward learning independently and in cooperation with a wide variety of people

    We seek students who are sufficiently interested in people’s health, and who have a nature that is considerate toward others. Furthermore, we are looking for students can study both independently and as part of a team in practical coursework. Finally, we are looking for students that want to be a part of modern society, and have the desire to improve their English (and other) language skills to accomplish this.

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