Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences and Disorders

Features of the Department

  • Acquire the knowledge and clinical skills as a speech-language-hearing therapist.
  • Develop the human and communication ability necessary for a team approach.
  • Improve practical and problem-solving ability through clinical practices.

Speech Therapists Work to Support People with Communication and/or Swallowing Difficulties.

Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences and Disorders
Associate Professor, Minoru Toyama

A speech therapist is a rather new national qualification established in 1997. It is estimated that there are more than 6.5 million patients in Japan, but there are few speech therapists and many patients cannot receive sufficient rehabilitation. Abnormalities in speech and hearing might happen to anyone from infants to elderly. It is the challenge and joy of speech therapists to face patients one by one, optimizing their care through personal contact. I want you to feel happy and excited when patients can convey their feelings.