Department of Bioscience and Biotechnology

Features of the Department

  • Students learn the knowledge, skills and way of thinking they need to fully understand life sciences and the functions of living organisms in society.
  • Students acquire wide-ranging knowledge and skills in the fields of animals, plants, microorganisms, foods, and genetics through lectures and the plenty of experiments.
  • 4th year students are assigned to a laboratory where they may study and conduct advanced research.
  • Students will possess qualities that contribute to health and  environmental issues based on specialized knowledge and technologies in the field of bioscience.
  • Our qualification and career education programs are excellent, including supports for students who wish to study at graduate school and those who want to become science teachers.
  • Educating individuals (people, persons) who can apply advanced biotechnology to resolve practical problems.

Let Us Unlock the Power of Life.

Faculty of Bioenvironmental Science, Department of Bioscience and Biotechnology
Professor Yoshihisa Yano

My Laboratory analyzes functional components of foods that are effective against lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure. For example, we discovered that burdock leaves have a functional component that suppresses the absorption of sugar, suggesting that burdock may have applications in the prevention of diabetes. This line of research possesses great potential for contributing to the field of health sciences as it pursues not only the application of foods but also the powers held by various lifeforms including genes, microorganisms and plants. I want our students to enjoy challenging projects related with the investigation of life itself.