Faculty of Humanities

Through the study of human psychology, history and knowledge, we will equip our students with the knowledge to be active leaders in our modern society.


Dean of the Faculty of Humanities, Professor Yoshimichi Sato

Acquiring the Communication Skills to Create Lasting Relationships.

Humanity is a paradox: while our advancements in technology, science and medicine create tremendous progress to advance our standard of living, many areas in the world still experience war, civil unrest, food shortages, and other issues. Humanity is a living creature with many contradictions, and so the starting point of studies in the Faculty of Humanities is exploring what it means to be human.

Our Faculty provides education that equips our students with specialized knowledge of history and psychology, while at the same time encouraging broader cultural perspectives. Within the curriculum, practical opportunities for associating humanities with fieldwork and experiments will enable students to study through communication with other students, instructors and the general public. We believe these communication skills are crucial to the growth of our students, and will help them develop into individuals with deep insights into humanity and society - people who will be able to contribute to solving the problems of our time.

What You Can Study at the Faculty of Humanities

Students Study the Concept of “Humanity” Actively and Develop Practical Abilities.

The Faculty of Humanities is comprised of two departments: the Department of History and Cultural Studies and the Department of Psychology. The Department of History and Cultural Studies focuses on fieldwork and analysis of historical materials. Students actively visit festivals and historical sites around the historic city of Kyoto, in a learning style that provides them with insights from beyond the classroom. The Department of Psychology also features a practical approach, with hands-on psychological experiments and counseling that help develop our students’ ability to communicate with and support others.

Admission Policy

Our educational goals are to develop students that the ability to contribute to our globalized society through the study of history or psychology. We seek students whose goals are aligned to these educational objectives. This describes students who are strongly motivated and able to study independently and who are equipped with the basic academic abilities acquired through their high school curriculum. We are looking for students who are able to utilize those basic academic abilities, in addition to possessing strong communication skills.

  1. Knowledge and skills

    - We seek students who have a basic knowledge of the humanities through their high-school education, who have a high level of reading comprehension and the ability to solve problems.

  2. Critical thinking and self-expression

    - We seek students who can think critically and who are comfortable in expressing their own thoughts and opinions.
    - We seek students who are concerned with the state of the world, and who are able to look at issues from a global perspective.

  3. Attitudes toward independent learning and social cooperation.

    - We seek students who have a willingness to independently seek broad fields of study, and who are able to express their opinions, as well as communicate with their peers in practical coursework. Finally, we are looking for students that have a desire to be a part of modern society, and also the motivation to improve their English (and other) language skills in order to accomplish this.

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