KUAS Library System

Student & Faculty Services

Hours & Rules

Library Hours

Kameoka Campus Library and Annex

School Days Recess Days
Monday - Friday 9:00AM - 7:00PM 9:00AM - 5:00PM

Saturday, Sunday and Holidays

Closed Closed

Uzumasa Campus North Library

School Days
Recess Days
Monday - Saturday
8:30AM - 17:00PM
8:30AM - 17:00PM
Sunday and Holidays Closed Closed

Uzumasa Campus South Library

Everyday 8:30AM - 10:00PM
  • The library is closed on Sundays, national holidays, New Year's holidays, and University-wide holidays.
  • If there are any changes to the library hours, notices will be posted on the library website and the billboards inside the libraries.

Library Rules

  • A student / employee ID card or library card is required to enter the library and when borrowing media or using library facilities.
  • Cell phone calls, smoking, eating and drinking are not allowed in the library.
  • Bags and other personal items may be brought into the library. Please place wet umbrellas in the umbrella stand or inside a plastic bag.
  • Do not leave personal belongings or books unattended. Always hold on to valuables.
  • Please handle library materials with care. Please do not fold pages, draw lines or write in notes in the books. If a book is defaced or lost, the persons responsible will be required to pay for the damages.
  • Visitors may be asked to leave if they disrupt other users or do not follow the instructions of the staff.

Using the Libraries

The following persons are eligible to use the KUAS Library System.

  • Faculty and staff (including professors emeritus)
  • University students (including non-degree students, auditing students, non-traditional students and research students)
  • Graduate students of the university (including non-degree students, auditing students and non-traditional students)
  • Alumni
  • Persons who have worked as faculty of staff of the university
  • General members of the public (persons who live near KUAS)
  • Any other person authorized by the Library Director

Borrowing Limits

  borrow limit borrow period
undergrad student 5 books 2 weeks
grad student 20 books 8 weeks
employee Unlimited Unlimited
faculty Unlimited  Unlimited
general public 3 books 2 weeks
  • The number of books above refer to the total borrowed at one time from all of the KUAS libraries.
  • Newspapers, magazines, reference books and audio-visual media cannot be checked out of the libraries.
  • Graduate students may be asked to return a book if it they have had it for more than 4 weeks and someone else has reserved that book.


  • Card-operated copy machines are available in the libraries.
  • Black-and-white copies costs 1 card point (10 yen). Color copies cost 5 points (50 yen).
  • Copy machines do not accept cash.
  • Copy cards are available at the counter.
  • Two varieties of copy card are available: 50-point (500 yen) and 100-point (1000 yen).
  • Only library media may be copied.

Please only make copies extent allowed by copyright. The user assumes all responsibility for copyright.

Copyright Allowances

Works may be partially copied on the condition that all reproduction is for the purpose of individual research and study.


Not more than half of all pages should be copied. When multiple works by different authors form a single volume, less than half of each work should be copied.

Magazines and Newspapers

In the case of latest issues, less than half of the individual works (articles) should be copied. If a considerable period of time has elapsed since publication, such as when a newer issue has been published, the entirety of individual works may be reproduced.

Borrowing and Returning Media


  • Only books can be borrowed from the library. Newspapers, magazines, etc. cannot be checked out.
  • Please present a student IDemployee ID or library card when borrowing a book.
  • Persons who do not present proper ID will not be allowed to borrow any media.


  • Please return books at the counter.
  • Do not return directly to the bookshelf without going through the counter.
  • Please note that late returns will result in a temporary suspension of borrowing privileges.
  • If a book is lost or damaged, please report it to the counter immediately.
  • When returning books after hours, please use the After Hours Return Post next to the entrance of the Kameoka Campus Library, or the After Hours Return Post located at the west entrance of the Uzumasa Campus Library.
  • Books cannot be returned after hours at the Kameoka Campus Library Annex. Please return books to the counter during library hours.


  • If a book is not reserved by another library user by the return date, an extension can be requested.

  • Please bring the book and proper ID to the counter by the return date to request an exension.

  • If the due date of the book has passed, extensions cannot be provided.

  • If another library user reserves a book that is being borrowed on extension, that book must be returned immediately.

  • Extensions can be requested online. To do so, please apply for a login and password to online services (My Library). Please visit the counter to apply.


  • If a book is already being borrowed by another library user, a reservation can be requested at the counter. 
  • A reservation can also be made online. To do so, please apply for a login and password to online services (My Library). Please visit the counter to apply.

Organization System

Locating books

Call numbers

The "call number" refers to the two or three-row code located on the spine of most library books.


  • This code is used as a guide when searching for media.

Location of Media

Books may be located in the Kameoka Library, the Uzumasa Libraries, faculty offices, or elsewhere.

  • Please ask at the counter about using the media in faculty members' offices. (This service is available to students and faculty only).
  • Some of the materials in the Kameoka Campus Library are located in reading rooms and some are in the archives. Library visitors can use the media in the archives by filling out a "Browsing Pass" at the counter, or by applying for access to the archives.
  • Members of the public are not allowed to enter the archives. Please ask at the counter to use the materials in the archives.

Lending Classification 

This information designates the the media as available for borrowing or not.

  • Media marked as "NO LOAN" (禁帯出) cannot be borrowed from the library.
  • Media marked as "LOAN OK" (帯出可) can be borrowed from the library.

Book Arrangement

The KUAS Library System classifies books and other media according to the Nippon Decimal Classification system. Books are arranged according to their call numbers on the shelves.

How to read call numbers

The "Classification Number" is a useful way to find books. This is a numerical representation of the subject of the book.


Code in the blue circle:  indicates the classification number.
Code in the red circle (top): indicates the author and title of the media.
Code in the red circle (bottom): indicates the book number (if it is part of a series).

Books on the same subject are arranged in the same section of the bookshelf, so the classification number can be used to go directly to that bookshelf and search for related material.

How to read spine stickers

At the KUAS Library System, materials other than general books are distinguished by a sticker on the spine. Book stickers are as follows

禁帯出 教科書 指定図書
NO LOAN Textbook Designated Reading
資格関係図書 郷土資料 大型本
Qualification Manual Local History (etc.) Document Large Book
白書・統計書 書誌 千文庫
White Papers and Statistics Bibliography SENBUNKO

Materials with a NO LOAN sticker on them cannot be borrowed. Please use these in the library. Other materials may be borrowed, even if they have their own unique designation sticker on them.

Senbunko is a collection of materials related to the tea ceremony. 

Media Retrieval

If the libraries on one campus do not have the materials required, a request can be made for an inter-campus interlibrary loan. Please ask at the library counter to request a loan.

Books cannot be loaned back and forth from the Kameoka Campus Main Library and the Kameoka Annex Library.

Requesting Off-campus Media

This service is only available to students and faculty.

If a library visitor discovers that the book they ned is not held by the KUAS Library System, they can request media from other libraries.

It is possible to search for media held by other university libraries throughout Japan on the National Institute of Informatics' CiNii database.

If you wish to visit other university libraries, you may need a letter of introduction issued by the KUAS Library System. If you wish to visit other university libraries, you may need a letter of introduction issued by the KUAS Library System. However, in some cases, you may not need a letter of introduction if KUAS has an agreement with that university. For more information, please refer to the University Consortium Unified Browsing System  and the Kyoto Area Council.

Interlibrary Services (borrowing and copying materials from other libraries)

University libraries collect a wide variety of books and materials, but there is a natural limit to the number of books and materials that can be collected in just one university.

Thus, the KUAS Library System has signed cooperative agreements with other university libraries for mutual use.

Available interlibrary services

1.Photocopying services (pick up location: library counter)

Segments of journal articles, newspapers or books held at other libraries can be copied and sent to KUAS upon request.

  • The requester asked to bear the cost of the photocopying and postage.
  • Please fill out the relevant request form and submit it at the library counter.

2.Media borrowing services

Books can be borrowed by mail from other libraries and viewed within the KUAS Library System.

  • These books cannot be taken out of the library.
  • The types of materials available and the length of their loan period depends on what library they are borrowed from.
  • The borrower is responsible for the cost of postage.
  • Please fill out the relevant request form and submit it at the library counter.

3.Browsing services

KUAS students and faculty can visit the libraries of other universities to browse their materials. You will need a letter of introduction from the KUAS Library System and a Interlibrary Browsing Pass to do so.

Using the Kyoto Prefectural Library Network (K-Libnet) 

KUAS library patrons can borrow books and other materials held by Kyoto Prefecture's public libraries. Holdings can be browsed via the Kyoto Prefectural Library Catalog Network.

  • Borrowed media can be taken out and read at home.
  • Requested media will arrive within one to two weeks.
  • There is no charge for this service.
  • Please fill out the relevant request form and submit it at the library counter.

Using the National Diet Library's Digitization & Transfer Services

The KUAS Library System provides access to digitized materials from the National Diet Library that are difficult to otherwise obtain due to being out of print or for other reasons. This service is available for materials in the National Diet Library's Digital Collection that are checked as "Transferrable Materials".

  • To use these services, please make a request at the library counter during following hours.
  • Kameoka Library
      On days where the library is open until 7:00PM: Opening Time - 5:00PM
      On days where the library is open until 5:00PM: Opening Time - 12:00PM
  • Uzumasa Libraries
      10:00AM - 5:00PM
  • Browsing is free, and can be done for one hour at a time.
  • Photocopies are available at cost. Black and white copies are 20 yen per sheet, color copies are 60 yen per sheet. The library staff will make these copies and issue them at a later date.

Use the Consortium of Universities Kyoto Common Browsing System and Kyoto Area Council Common Browsing Pass

The Consortium of Universities Kyoto Common Browsing System allows patrons to browse materials held by member universities and junior colleges by simply presenting their ID card.

The Private University Libraries Association (Kyoto District Council) Common Browsing Pass allows patrons to browse media at the partner libraries of private universities in Kyoto, Nara, Shiga, Fukui, Ishikawa, and Toyama prefectures. Patrons must present this Browsing Pass when visiting a library.

  • Conditions of use (rules, hours, services offered, etc.) differ from library to library.
  • Please be sure to check the "Services Available at Each University Library" page from the above member lists.

*Individual users cannot search the consortium's browsing system on their own or submit the forms for a Browsing Pass. Please make an application at the library counter.

Reference Services

Reference services provide patrons with advice on how to find the materials and information they need for studies and research.

Reference Services can assist with the following

  • How to find where books and journals held  
  • How to collect materials on a specific topic
  • How to find certain cases and data
  • How to use the library


The library will purchase books necessary for study and research, even if the books are not held by the library. To request the purchase of media, please fill out the "Purchase Request Form" and submit it at the counter.

Request forms are available in the reading room or at the counter.

  • Requests to purchase audiovisual media or best-sellers cannot be accepted.
  • Furthermore, items that are not appropriate for library use cannot be purchased.

Audiovisual Media

The Library System has about 3,500 video and software titles for students to view.

Each library has its own collection, so if you know which software or video you want to view, please check the catalog to see where it is held.

For information on how to use these services, please inquire at the relevant library counter.

  • No video or software media may be taken out of or borrowed from the library.
  • Furthermore, videos etc. from outside the library can not be brought in for viewing.
  • If something is wrong with the equipment, please contact the counter immediately.

Library Map




Only students, faculty and staff may use the archives. (General members of the public are not permitted).

Go to the counter to complete entry procedures and receive an "Archive Entry Permit" before entering the archives.

Book arrangement (main library)

4F Archives Book & journal back numbers
3F Archives Japanese-style books, statistic book back numbers, OECD materials, large books, appendixes, Japan Official Gazette
Map Reference Room cartography media
2F Archives Japanese journal back numbers, new western journals, newspapers, condensed-format newspapers 
Reading Room 1 new Japanese journals, reference book (dictionaries, bibliography, white papers, statistical records), senbunko, local history media
Reading Room 2 general books, designated reading material, textbooks, paperbacks and new books, qualification manuals
Mezz. Video Corner Video & DVD viewing booths
1F Entrance  

Please apply at the counter to use the Map Reference Room.



Online Services (My Library)

This service is only available to students and faculty.

The following services are currently available online via the KUAS Library System's web page

  • Checking whether a book is borrowed 
  • Renewing a book's due date
  • Reserving a book / checking whether a book is reserved
  • Requesting an interlibrary loan
  • Requesting photocopies
  • Checking the arrival of new media
  • Creating / checking personalized data folders
  • Requesting book purchases  (full-time faculty only)
  • Inquiring about book purchase budgets(full-time faculty only)
  • Inquiring about book orders(full-time faculty only)

To use My Library, a user ID and password are required. Please apply at the library counter.

Documents & Forms

Use these forms to request various services at the library counter.

Please download the the relevant form, fill it out and bring it to the library counter. These application forms can only be used by students and faculty.

Intercampus Media Request Form
  • Use this form to order media from one campus to another.
  • Media cannot be ordered back and forth from the Kameoka Campus Main Library and the Kameoka Campus Library Annex.
Media Copy Request Form
  • Use this form to request photocopies of media held at other institutions (National Diet Library and other university libraries).
  • Copy expenses and shipping costs will be charged to the requester.   
Borrowing Application
  • Use this form to borrow materials held by other institutions and view them at KUAS libraries
  • Borrowing terms and conditions vary from library to library.
  • The requester is responsible for shipping costs.
K-Lib Net Application Form
  • Using K-Lib Net, users can borrow media held by Kyoto Prefecture's public libraries.
  • Registrations takes about a week to 10 days after application.
  • There is no charge for this service.
My Library Application

My Library allows users to check the status of individual books, including whether someone has borrowed or reserved them.

The following services are available:

  • Checking whether a book is borrowed 
  • Renewing a book's due date
  • Reserving a book / checking whether a book is reserved
  • Requesting an interlibrary loan
  • Requesting photocopies
  • Checking the arrival of new media
  • Creating / checking personalized data folders
  • Requesting book purchases  (full-time faculty only)
  • Inquiring about book purchase budgets(full-time faculty only)
  • Inquiring about book orders(full-time faculty only)
Book Order Form
  • For full-time faculty members only.
  • Students are not allowed to use this service. If you have a book you want the library to purchase, please inquire at the counter.

Newspaper List

The online article search service allows users to browse past newspaper and magazine articles via the Internet. Please use computer terminals on campus to browse.

title storage period location online article search engines
(on-campus only)
Asahi Shimbun 4 months, older issues available in condensed format Kameoka Main, Annex, Uzumasa 「Kikuzo」
Nihon Keizai Shinbun 4 months, older issues available in condensed format Kameoka Main, Uzumasa Nikkei Telecom 21
The Yomiuri Shimbun 4 months, older issues available in condensed format Kameoka Main, Annex, Uzumasa  
Mainichi Shimbun 4 months Kameoka Annex  
Sankei Shimbun 4 months Kameoka Annex  
Kyoto Shimbun 4 months, older issues available on microfiche and DVD Kameoka Main, Annex, Uzumasa  
Nikkei Business Daily 3 months, older issues available in condensed format Uzumasa Nikkei Telecom 21
Nikkei Marketing Journal 3 months, older issues available in condensed format Uzumasa Nikkei Telecom 21
Futoko Shimbun 1 year Kameoka Main  
The Book Review Press 1 year Kameoka Main  
Syukan Dokusyojin 1 year Kameoka Main  
The Science News 1 year Kameoka Annex  
title storage period location online article search engines
(on-campus only)

englishNew York Times

    Sunday Edition
2 years Kameoka Main  
englishASAHI Weekly 1 year Kameoka Main  
english週刊alpha(旧週刊ST) 1 year Kameoka Main  
englishTHE OBSERVER 2 years Kameoka Main  


(Nippon Decimal Classification : Newly rev. 9th edition)

General works

000 General Works


002: Knowledge.Learning





007: Information science



010 Libraries.Library and Information Science

011: Library policy and administration

012: library buildings

013: library management

014: technical processes in libraries

015: library activities

016: specific kinds of institutions

017: school Libraries

018: special Libraries

019: Reading of books.Book review

020 Books.Bibliography

021: Authorship and editorial techniques

022: manuscripts and printed books

023: Publishing

024: Bookselling

025: General and national bibliographies

026: bibliographies of rare books

027: special bibliographies

028: catalogs of selected books.catalogs of reference books

029: library catalogs.Union catalogs

030 General Encyclopedias

031: Nipponese

032: Chinese

033: English

034: German

035: French

036: Spanish

037: Italian

038: Russian

039: General Concordances

040 General Collected Essays

041: Nipponese

042: Chinese

043: English

044: German

045: French

046: Spanish

047: Italian

048: Russian

049: General miscellanies

050 General Serial Publications

051: Nipponese serial publications

052: Chinese

053: English

054: German

055: French

056: Spanish

057: Italian

058: Russian

059: General yearbooks

060 General Societies

061*: academies


063*: cultural exchange organizations


065*: service clubs and other societies




070 Journalism.Newspapers

071: Nippon

072: Asia

073: Europe

074: Africa

075: North America

076: South America

077: Occeania.Polar regions



080 General Collections

081: Nipponese

082: Chinese

083: English

084: German

085: French

086: Spanish

087: Italian

088: Russian

089: other languages

090+ Rare Books.Local Collections.Special Collections











100 Philosophy

101: Theory of philosophy

102: General history of philosophy

103: Reference books

104: Essay and lectures

105: Serial publications

106: Organizations

107: Study and teaching

108: Collected works. Collections


110 Special Treatises on Philosophy

111: Special treatises on philosophy

112: Philosophy of nature. cosmology

113: View of life. World view

114: Philosophic anthropology

115: Epistemology

116: Logics.Dialectics.Methodology

117: Philosophy of value

118: Philosophy of culture and technics

[119]: Aesthetics →701.1

120 Oriental Thought

121: Nipponese thought

122: Chinese thought

123: Chinese classics

124: Sages of Pre-Chin

125: Medieval and modern thought

126: Indian philosophy.Brahmanism



129: other oriental and Arabic thought

130 Western Philosophy

131: Ancient philosophy

132: Medieval philosophy

133: Modern philosophy

134: German and Austrian philosophy

135: French and Dutch philosophy

136: Spanish and Portuguese philosophy

137: Italian philosophy

138: Russian philosophy

139: Other philosophy

140 Psychology

141: General psychology


143: Developmental psychology


145: Abnormal psychology

146: Clinical psychology. Psychoanalysis

147: Prapsychology

148: Divination →: 176.8

[149]: Applied psychology

150 Ethics.Morals

151: Systems and doctrines

152: Family and sexual ethics

153: Professional and occupational ethics

154: Social ethics

155: National ethics

156: Bushido →: 339.1 ; 789

157: Hotokukyo. Shingaku

158: Other ethical topics

159: Practical ethics

160 Religion

161: Science of religion

162: History and conditions of religions

163: Primitive religions

164: Myths. Mythology

165: Comparative religion

166: Taoism

167: Islam

168: Hinduism.Jainaism

169: Other religions

170 Shinto

171: Shinto theology

172: History and conditions of Shinto

173: Shinto sacred classics

174: Priestly memoirs. Sermons

175: Shrines. Shinto priests

176: Shinto

177: Shinto missions

178: Sectarian Shinto


180 Buddhism

181: Buddhist doctrines

182: History and conditions of Buddhism

183: Buddhist scriptures

184: Sermons.Preaching

185: Temples.Buddhist priest

186: Buddhist service and customs

187: Buddhist missions

188: Buddhist sects


190 Christianity

191: Christian theology

192: History and conditions of Christianity

193: Bible

194: Priestly memoirs. Sermons

195: Christian church. Holy orders

196: Ritual and liturgy

197: Missions

198: Denominations of Christian churches

199: Judaism

History. Geography

200 History

201: Historical science

202: Auxiliary science of history

203: Reference books

204: Essays and lectures

205: Serial publications

206: Organizations

207: Study and teaching

208: Collected works.Collections

209: World history

210 History of Nippon

211: Hokkaido

212: Tohoku

213: Kanto

214: Hokuriku

215: Chubu

216: Kinki

217: Chugoku

218: Shikoku

219: Kyushu

220 History of Asia

221: Korea

222: China

223: Southeast Asia

224: Indonesia

225: India

[226]: Southwest Asia. Middle East→227

227+: Southwest Asia. Middle East

[228]: Arab states→227.1/.8

229: Asiatic Russia

230History of Europe

231: Ancient Greece

232: Ancient Rome

233: United Kingdom

234: Germany. Central Europe

235: France

236: Spain

237: Italy

238: Russia. USSR. CIS

239: Balkan States

240 History of Africa

241: North Africa

242: Egypt

243: Barbary States

244: West Africa

245: East Africa



248: South Africa

249: Island of Indian Ocean

250 History of North America

251: Canada


253: United States of America


255: Latin America

256: Mexico

257: Central America


259: West Island. Antilles

260 History of South America

261: Northern South America

262: Brazil

263: Paraguay

264: Uruguay

265: Argentina

266: Chile

267: Bolivia

268: Peru


270 History of Occeania and Polar region

271: Australia

272: New Zealand

273: Melanesia

274: Micronesia

275: Polynesia

276: Hawaii

277: Polar regions

278: North pole. Arctic regions

279: South pole. Antarctic regions

280 Biography

281: Nippon

282: Asia

283: Europe

284: Africa

285: North America

286: South America

287: Occeania. Polar regions

288: Genealogy. Family history

289: Individual biography

290 Geography.Regional Geography.Trip

291: Nippon

292: Asia

293: Europe

294: Africa

295: North America

296: South America

297: Occeania. Polar regions


299: Oceans. Sea

Social Science

300 Social Science

301: Theory and Methodology

302: Social situation and conditions

303: Reference books

304: Essays and lectures

305: Serial publications

306: Organizations

307: Study and teaching

308: Series. Collected works. Collections

309: Social thought

310 Political Science

311: Political theory and thought

312: Political history and conditions

313: Forms of states. Political systems

314: Legislature. Parliaments

315: Political parties

316: State and individuals

317: Public administration

318: Local governments. Local administration

319: International relations

320 Law

321: Jurisprudence

322: Legal history

323: Constitutional law

324: Civil law

325: Commercial law

326: Criminal law

327: Judicial system and proceedings

[328]: Special law

329: International law

330 Economics

331: Economic theory and thought

332: Economic history and conditions

333: Economic policy. International economy

334: Population. Land. Resources

335: Enterprise. Management

336: Business management

337: Money and currency

338: Financial economics. Banks and trusts

339: Insurance

340 Public Finance

341: Theory of public finance

342: fiscal history and conditions

343: Fiscal policy and administration

344: Budgets and settlements

345: Taxations


347: Public debts

348: Public monopolies. National property

349: local finance

350 Statistics

351: General statistics

352: General statistics of Asia

353: General statistics of Europe

354: General statistics of Africa

355: General statistics of North America

356: General statistics of South America

357: General statistics of Occeania and Polar regions

358: Population statistics

[359]: Statistics of specific subjects

360 Society

361: Sociology

362: Social history. Social systems


364: Social security

365: Living and consumer’s problems

366: Labor economics. Labor problems

367: Family. Man and woman. Aged people

368: Social pathology

369: Social welfare

370 Education

371: Theory of education

372: History and conditions of education

373: Educational policy and system

374: School administration

375: Curriculums. Method of instruction and study

376: Pre-school. Elementary and secondary education

377: Higher education

378: Education for the handicapped children

379: Social education

380 Custom.Folklore and Ethnology


382: History and descriptions of customs, folklore and ethnology

383: Costumes. Eating and drinking. Housing

384: Customs of social and domestic life

385: Customs of life cycle

386: Annual events. Festivals

387: Popular beliefs

388: Legends. Folk tales

389: Ethnology. Cultural anthropology

390 National Defense.Military Science

391: War. Strategy. Tactics

392: History and conditions

393: Policy and administration of national defence

394: Military health services

395: Military installations. War supplies

396: Armies

397: Navies

398: Air forces and warfare

399: Antiquated arts of war

Natural science

400 Natural Science

401: Theory and philosophy

402: history and conditions

403: Reference books

404: Essay and lectures

405: Serial publications

406: Organizations

407: Study and teaching

408: Collected works. Collections

409+: Science and Technology Policy

410 Mathematics

411: Algebra

412: Theory of numbers

413: Analysis

414: Geometry

415: Topological mathematics


417: Probabilities. Mathematical statistics

418: Numerical calculations

419: Mathematics of Nippon and China

420 Physics

421: Theoretical physics


423: Mechanics

424: Vibrations. Acoustics

425: Optics

426: Heat.

427: Electricity and magnetism

428: Physical properties of matter

429: Atomic and nuclear physics

430 Chemistry

431: Physical and theoretical chemistry

432: Experimental chemistry

433: Analytical chemistry

434: Synthetical chemistry

435: Inorganic chemistry

436: Metallic elements, their compounds

437: Organic chemistry

438: Chemistry of cycle compounds

439: Chemistry of natural products

440 Astronomy

441: Theoretical astronomy

442: Practical astronomy

443: Fixed stars

444: Sun

445: Planets. Satellites

446: Moon

447: Comets. Meteors

448: Earth. Astronomical geography

449: Horology. Calendars

450 Earth Science

451: Meteorology

452: Oceanography

453: Seismology

454: Geomorphology

455: Geology

456: Historical . geology. Stratigraphy

457: Paleontology

458: Petrology

459: Mineralogy

460 Biology

461: Theoretical biology

462: Biogeography

463: Cytology

464: Biochemistry

465: Microbes. Microbiology


467: Genetics. Evolution

468: General ecology

469: Anthropology

470 Botany

471: General botany

472: Flora

473: Thallophyte

474: Algae and fungi

475: Bryophyta, bryology

476: Pteridophyta, fern

477: Spermatophyte

478: Gymnospermae

479: Angiosperm

480 Zoology

481: General zoology

482: Fauna

483: Invertebrata

484: mollusc

485: arthropod

486: Insecta. Entomology

487: Vertebrate

488: Ornithology

489: Mammalia

490 Medical Science

491: Fundamental medicine

492: Clinical medicine

493: Internal medicine

494: Surgery

495: Gynecology. Obstetrics

496: Ophthalmology. Otorhinolaryngology

497: Dentistry

498: Hygienics. Public health. Preventive medicine

499: Pharmaceutics


500 Technology.Engineering

501: Basic engineering

502: History of technology

503: Reference books

504: Essays and lectures

505: Serial publications

506: Organizations

507: Study and teaching

508: Collected works. Collections

509: Industries. Manufacturing industry

510 Construction. Civil Engineering

511: Mechanics and materials

512: Surveying

513: Designs and executions

514: Engineering of roads and highways

515: Bridge engineering

516: Railroad engineering

517: Hydraulic engineering

518: Sanitary and municipal engineering

519: Pollution. Environmental engineering

520 Architecture.Building

521: Nippon architecture

522: Oriental architecture

523: Occidental architecture. Others

524: Construction

525: Planning. Design. Practices

526: Specific buildings

527: Residential buildings

528: Building utilities

529: Architectural design and decoration

530 Mechanical Engineering

531: Mechanics, materials and design

532: Machine-shop practice. Machine tools

533: Heat engines

534: Hydraulic and pneumatic machinery

535: Precision and optical instruments

536: Transportation engineering

537: Automobile engineering

538: Aerospace engineering

539: Nuclear engineering

540 Electrical Engineering

541: Electric circuits, measurements and materials

542: Electrical machinery

543: Generation of Selectric power

544: Transmission. Transformation. Distribution

545: Electric lighting and heating

546: Electric railroads

547: Communication engineering

548: Information engineering

549: Electric engineering

550 Maritime Engineering

551: Theories of shipbuilding

552: Hull construction. Materials of hull

553: Equipment and outfit of ships

554: Marine engineering

555: Refitment of ships. Maintenance

556: Specific ships and boats

557: Navigation

558: Sea development

559: Weapons. Military engineering

560 Metal and Mining Engineering

561: Exploitation. Ore dressing

562: Mining of specific metals

563: Metallurgy and alloys. Metallography

564: Ferrous metals

565: Nonferrous metals

566: Metallurgical technology

567: Coal mining

568: Petroleum mining

569: Non-metalic mining

570 Chemical Technology

571: Chemical engineering

572: Industrial electrochemistry

573: Ceramic technology

574: Industrial chemical

575: Fuels and explosives

576: Oil and fats

577: Dyes

578: Polymers. Plastics. Cellulose

579: Other Chemical technologies

580 Manufactures

581: Metal goods

582: Business machines. Household appliances. Musical instrument

583: Woodworking

584: Leather and goods

585: Pulp and paper industries

586: Textile industry

587: Dyeing

588: Food technology

589: Other miscellaneous manufactures

590 Domestic and Sciences

591: Domestic arts and sciences

592: Sciences and technology in household

593: Clothing. Sewing

594: Handicrafts

595: Beauty culture

596: Food. Cookery

597: Household utilities

598: Domestic health

599: Care of children


600 Industry and Commerce

601: Industrial policy and planning

602: History and conditions

603: Reference books

604: Essay and lectures

605: Serial publications

606: Organizations

607: Study and teaching

608: Collected works. Collections

609: Weights and measures

610 Agriculture

611: Agricultural economics

612: Agricultural history and conditions

613: Basic sciences on agriculture

614: Agricultural engineering

615: Methods of cultivation. Crop science

616: Edible crops

617: Industrial crops

618: Fiber crops

619: Agricultural technology

620 Horticulture

621: Gardening economy and management

622: Horticultural history and conditions

623: Basic science on gardening

624: Green houses and tools

625: Fruit culture. Pomiculture

626: Vegetable culture

627: Floriculture

628: Utilization of garden products

629: Landscape gardening

630 Sericulture.Silk Industry

631: Sericulture. Silk industry

632: Sericultural history and conditions

633: Natural history of silkworms

634: Silkworm eggs

635: Rearing of silkworms

636: Mulberry culture

637: Sericultural rooms and implements

638: Cocoon

639: Raw silk production

640 Animal Husbandry

641: Animal economy and management

642: History and conditions

643: Stock breeding. Forage

644: Cotes and implements

645: Domestic animals

646: Aviculture. Poultry

[647]: Apiculture. Beekeeping →646.9

648: Animal industry

649: Veterinary medicine

650 Forestry

651: Forest economics

652: History and conditions

653: Forest ecology. Silviculture

654: Forest protection

656: Forest administration

656: Forest engineering

657: Forest utilization

658: Forest technology

659: Hunting and shooting

660 Fishing Industry.Fisheries

661: Fishing industry. Fisheries

662: History and conditions

663: Basic sciences on fishery

664: Fishing

665: Fishing boat and implements

667: Fish technology

668: Utilization of aquatic products

669: Salt manufacture

670 Commerce

671: Commercial policy

672: History and conditions

673: Mercantile business

674: Advertising. Propaganda. Public relations

675: Marketing

676: Exchanges


678: Foreign trade


680 Transportation Services

681: Traffic policy and management

682: History and conditions

683: Maritime transport. Shipping

684: Inland water ways. Canal transportation

685: Land transportation

686: Railways

687: Air transportation

688: Warehouses

689: Tourist industry

690 Communication Services

691: Policy, administration and laws

692: History and conditions

693: Postal services

694: Telecommunication





699: Broadcasting

The Arts.Fine Arts

700 The Arts.Fine Arts

701: Theory of arts. Aesthetics

702: History of arts

703: Reference books

704: Essay and lectures

705: Serial publications

706: Organizations

707: Study and teaching.Art education

708: Collected works. Collections

709: Art and state.Cultural assets

710 Sculpture.Plastic Arts

711: Materials and techniques

712: History of sculpture

713: Wood carving

714: Stone carving

715: Metal sculpture and casting


717: Ceramic sculpture

718: Buddhist image

719+: Objet

720 Painting.Pictorial Arts

721: Nipponese painting

722: Oriental painting

723: Western painting

724: Materials and techniques

725: Design.Drawing

726: Caricatures.Illustration

727: Graphic designs

728: Shodo.Calligraphy


730 Engraving

731: Materials and techniques

732: History of engraving

733: Wood engraving

734: Lithography

735: Copperplate and steel engraving

736: Soft-ground engraving

737: Photo-engraving. Mimeograph


739: Seal engraving

740 Photography and Photographs


742: Camera and photographic materials

743: Photographing

744: Developing and printing

745: Photoduplication. Photocopying

746: Specific field of photography

747: Applications of photographs

748: Collections of photographs

749: Printing. Graphic arts

750 Industrial Arts

751: Ceramic arts

752: Lacquer ware

753: Textile arts

754: Art wood work and bamboo-work

755: Jewelry arts. Ivory and horn carving

756: Art metalwork

757: Design. Decorative arts

758: Artistic furniture

759: Dolls. Toys

760 Music

761: Musicology

762: History of music

763: Musical instruments. Instrumental music

764: Instrumental ensembles

765: Religious music,Sacred music

766: Dramatic music

767: Vocal music

768: Nipponese music

769: Theatrical dancing. ballet

770 Theater

771: Stage. Direction. acting

772: History of theater

773: Noh play and Noh comedy

774: Kabuki play

775: Other theaters. Stage


777: Puppetry

778: Motion pictures

779: Public entertainments

780 Sports and Physical Training

781: Gymnastics. Plays

782: Track and field athletics

783: Ball games

784: Winter sports

785: Aquatic sports

786: Outdoor recreations

787: Angling and hunting sports

788: Combat sports. Racing

789: Military arts

790 Accomplishments and Amusements

791: Tea ceremony

792: Burning incense

793: Art of flower arrangement

794: Billiards

795: Game of go

796: Game of shogi

797: Game of chance

798: Indoor games

799: Dancing


800 Language

801: Linguistics. Philology

802: History and conditions

803: Reference books

804: Essays and lectures

805: Serial publications

806: Organizations

807: Study and teaching

808: Collected works. Collections

809: Speaking. Shorthand. Typewriting

810 Nipponese

811: Phonetics. Phonology. Writing

812: Etymology. Semantics

813: Dictionaries

814: Vocabularies

815: Grammar

816: Sentences. Styles. Compositions

817: Readers. Interpretations.Conversations

818: Dialects


820 Chinese

821: Phonetics. Phonology. Writing

822: Etymology. Semantics

823: Dictionaries

824: Vocabularies

825: Grammar

826: Sentences. Styles. Compositions

827: Readers. Interpretations.Conversations

828: Dialects

829: Other Oriental languages

830 English

831: Phonetics. Phonology. Writing

832: Etymology. Semantics

833: Dictionaries

834: Vocabularies

835: Grammar

836: Sentences. Styles. Compositions

837: Readers. Interpretations.Conversations

838: Dialects


840 German

841: Phonetics. Phonology. Writing

842: Etymology. Semantics

843: Dictionaries

844: Vocabularies

845: Grammar

846: Sentences. Styles. Compositions

847: Readers. Interpretations.Conversations

848: Dialects

849: Other Germanic languages

850 French

851: Phonetics. Phonology. Writing

852: Etymology. Semantics

853: Dictionaries

854: Vocabularies

855: Grammar

856: Sentences. Styles. Compositions

857: Readers. Interpretations.Conversations

858: Dialects

859: Provencal

860 Spanish

861: Phonetics. Phonology. Writing

862: Etymology. Semantics

863: Dictionaries

864: Vocabularies

865: Grammar

866: Sentences. Styles. Compositions

867: Readers. Interpretations.Conversations

868: Dialects

869: Portuguese

870 Italian

871: Phonetics. Phonology. Writing

872: Etymology. Semantics

873: Dictionaries

874: Vocabularies

875: Grammar

876: Sentences. Styles. Compositions

877: Readers. Interpretations.Conversations

878: Dialects

879: Other Romantic languages

880 Russian

881: Phonetics. Phonology. Writing

882: Etymology. Semantics

883: Dictionaries

884: Vocabularies

885: Grammar

886: Sentences. Styles. Compositions

887: Readers. Interpretations.Conversations

888: Dialects

889: Other Slavic languages

890 Other Languages

891: Greek

892: Latin

893: Other European languages

894: African languages

895: American Indian languages


897: Australian languages


899: Universal languages


900 Literature

901: Theory and teaching

902: History and criticism

903: Reference books

904: Serial publications

905: Serial publications

906: Organizations

907: Study and teaching

908: Collected works. Collections


910 Nipponese Literature

911: Poetry

912: Drama

913: Fiction. Romance. Novel

914: Essays. Prose

915: Diaries. Letters travels

916: Reportage

917: Aphorism

918: Collections

919: Chinese poetry and prose

920 Chinese Literature

921: Poetry

922: Drama

923: Fiction. Romance. Novel

924: Essays. Prose

925: Diaries. Letters travels

926: Reportage

927: Aphorism

928: Collections

929: Other Oriental literatures

930 English and American Literature

931: Poetry

932: Drama

933: Fiction. Romance. Novel

934: Essays. Prose

935: Diaries. Letters travels

936: Reportage

937: Aphorism

938: Collections

939: American literature →930/938

940 German Literature

941: Poetry

944: Drama

943: Fiction. Romance. Novel

944: Essays. Prose

945: Diaries. Letters travels

946: Reportage

947: Aphorism

948: Collections

949: Other Germanic literatures

950 French Literature

951: Poetry

952: Drama

953: Fiction. Romance. Novel

954: Essays. Prose

955: Diaries. Letters travels

956: Reportage

957: Aphorism

958: Collections

959: Provencal literatures

960 Spanish Literature

961: Poetry

962: Drama

963: Fiction. Romance. Novel

964: Essays. Prose

965: Diaries. Letters travels

966: Reportage

967: Aphorism

968: Collections

969: Portuguese literature

970 Italian Literature

971: Poetry

972: Drama

973: Fiction. Romance. Novel

974: Essays. Prose

975: Diaries. Letters travels

976: Reportage

977: Aphorism

978: Collections

979: Other Romantic literatures

980 Russian Literature

981: Poetry

982: Drama

983: Fiction. Romance. Novel

984: Essays. Prose

985: Diaries. Letters travels

986: Reportage

987: Aphorism

988: Collections

989: Other Slavic literature

990 Literatures of Other Language

991: Greek literatures

992: Latin literatures

993: Other European literatures

994: African literatures

995: Literatures of American native languages


997: Literatures of Australian native languages


999: Literature of universal languages