Faculty of Engineering


Dr. Alberto Castellazzi

  • E-Mail: mail-alberto-castellazzi.png
  • Areas of Research: Power Electronics, Power Semiconductor Devices, Packaging, Thermal Management

Alberto Castellazzi is a Professor in the KUAS Engineering Department, where he leads research and teaching in advanced solid-state power processing, including the characterization and use of wide-band-gap (WBG) semiconductor devices (silicon carbide, SiC; gallium nitride, GaN), their packaging and thermal management, to yield disruptive joint progress in efficiency, power density and reliability of power converters.

He holds a Laurea degree in Physics from the University of Milan, Italy, 1998, and a PhD degree in Electrical Engineering from the Munich University of Technology (TU Munich), Germany, 2004, and has been involved in power electronics research and development for over 20 years, with affiliation and working experience both in industry and academia, including SIEMENS Corporate Technology (Germany), ETH Zurich (Switzerland), ALSTOM Transport (France) and The University of Nottingham (UK).

Alberto has published over 200 papers in specialist international journals and conference proceedings and has held a number of invited talks, tutorials and seminars on the topic of WBG power devices and SiC-based electrical power conversion. He is active as both a reviewer and editor and is a member of the technical program committee of a number of international conferences on power electronics and power semiconductor devices.

He is a member of The Power Electronic Conversion Technology Annex (PECTA) of the International Energy Agency (IEA) (more info at: https://pecta.iea-4e.org/).

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