Faculty of Engineering


Dr. Salem Ibrahim Salem

  • E-Mail: mail-salem-ibrahim-salem.png
  • Areas of Research: Remote Sensing, Water Resources and Environment, Water Quality, Deep Learning, Data Simulation, Voice Recognition
Salem Ibrahim Salem obtained his PhD in Civil Engineering from The University of Tokyo, Japan in 2017. He obtained his MSc in Sanitary Engineering from Alexandria University, Egypt in 2011. Salem worked as a full-time teaching assistant at the School of Engineering, Alexandria University for 8 years (2006-2014). He also worked as a researcher at The University of Tokyo for almost two years (2017-2019). He is an ad-hoc reviewer for several international journals.

Salem’s research has mainly focused on remote sensing for water resources and environment. During 13 years of research, Salem has been engaged in many research topics includes data simulation (e.g., remote sensing reflectance), dynamic downscaling using atmosphere-ocean coupled regional spectral model (RSM-ROMS), voice recognition and research related to water and wastewater treatment. At his new position in KUAS, he is trying to incorporate the recent advantages of deep learning in the field water quality using many satellite data.

Salem is currently a co-investigator of the validation team of GCOM-C satellite, through JAXA research project. Meanwhile, he is conducting many field campaigns in various Japanese lakes and coastal areas (e.g., Lake Kasumigaura, Tokyo Bay, Ise Bay, and Setonaikai Bay). During field campaigns, many water quality measurements are conducted includes apparent optical properties (i.e., remote sensing reflectance), inherent optical properties (e.g., absorption and backscattering coefficients) and water quality parameters (e.g., chlorophyll concentrations).

In his free time, Salem enjoys spending time with family and friends, along with reading, playing table tennis and watching movies.