Faculty of Engineering

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Graduate Deadlines

Below, you will find the deadlines for the Faculty of Engineering’s Graduate program. You can choose to apply for Early Entry or Regular Entry. However, please observe the deadlines for the specific enrollment period you choose. All deadlines below are for September 2021 enrollment.

Early Entry

Prior supervisor consent request* September 1 to September 30, 2020
Applications open October 1, 2020
Applications close October 31, 2020
Online Interviews Mid-November to mid-December
Offers and Scholarship proposals released December 23, 2020
Final offer acceptance deadline January 31, 2021

Regular Entry

Prior supervisor consent request* December 1, 2020 to January 17, 2021
Applications open January 18, 2021
Applications close February 26, 2021
Online Interviews March
Offers and Scholarship proposals released April 12, 2021
Final offer acceptance deadline May 6, 2021

*Applicants must obtain prior consent from their prospective supervisor before submitting an application. Evaluating candidates for consent takes time and may involve additional questions, so we recommend that this procedure be performed well in advance. Applicants will be provided with their consent results no later than October 12, 2020 for Early Entry or January 29, 2021 for Regular Entry.

After receiving an offer of admission

Once we have reviewed all applications, offers of admission will be sent to successful candidates. Those candidates will then be required to complete enrollment payments and submit certain required documents by the deadlines listed below. Please ensure all necessary documents and payments are submitted by their deadline, as failing to do so may result in a withdrawal of our offer of admission. Please ensure that you have sufficient funds before applying.

Early Entry
First Payment Deadline (*1) January 31, 2021
Second Payment Deadline (*2) March 1, 2021
Document Submission Deadline May 14, 2021
Regular Entry
First Payment Deadline (*1) May 6, 2021
Second Payment Deadline (*2) June 4, 2021
Document Submission Deadline

*1: Admission Fee: 200,000JPY
*2: Partial Tuition/Facility/Laboratory Fee: 500,000JPY

Starting from their second semester, students must pay their tuition and facility fees at the beginning of the semester.