Faculty of Engineering

Regional Contact

If you live in the below areas, please feel free to contact our regional partners for information regarding KUAS. You can also always contact us directly!



Name of Agency: Yes EDUCATION (https://yesedugroup.com.au/)
Contact Person: Wayne LIM
Telephone: +61-2-8098-0972
E-Mail: wayne@yesedugroup.com.au

For more information on other branches (including Southeast Asia), see: https://yesedugroup.com.au/contact/

Name of Agency: OSEA Alliance Group (http://www.osea.com.au/)
Contact Person: Aaron Xiaolie Qi
Telephone: +61 7 3393 9134
E-Mail: aaron@osea.com.au

Central and South America


Name of Agency: Yes Intercambio (http://www.yesintercambio.com.br)
Contact Person: Juliana Bonatto
Telephone: +55-41-3016-9371 / +55-41-98770-1221
E-Mail: contato@yesintercambio.com.br

Name of Agency: N&M Intercambios (http://www.nmintercambios.com.br)
Contact Person: David Mandil
Telephone: +5511-55313611
E-Mail: david@nmintercambios.com.br



Name of Agency: EDLANTA - Education Abroad (http://www.edlanta.com)
Contact Person: Elizabeth Toncheva
Telephone: +00359 2 986 4001
E-Mail: university@edlanta.com

In addition to the headquarter in Sofia, EDLANTA also has branch offices in Varna, Plodiv and Burgas.

South Asia


Name of Agency: Sealink Education Center (https://sealink.edu.np/)
Contact Person: Umesh Kushwar
Telephone: 00977-1-4010506, Cell Phone: 00977-9813103160 (VIBER) 
E-Mail: info@sealink.edu.np, admission.sealinkedu@gmail.com

Sri Lanka

Name of Agency: Kaihatsu Management Consulting Lanka (Pvt.) Ltd. (http://www.kmclanka.jpn.com)
Contact Person: Azad Ibrahim, T. Tamura 
Telephone: +94 77 8199298, +94 11 5883017
E-Mail: education@kmclanka.jpn.com


South East Asia


Name of Agency: Study International (http://www.studyinternational4all.com/index2.html)
Contact Person: Dianne Siozon
Telephone: + (632) 8817 8090
E-Mail: dianne@studyinternational.com.ph


Name of Agency: Transnational Education (http://www.transnationaleducation.com.my/)
Contact Person: John Beamish
Telephone: + 60 16 359 3438
E-Mail: johnbeamish@transnationaleducation.com.ph


Name of Agency: Hang Luong Company Limited (http://www.duhochangluong.edu.vn)
Contact Person: Lindsay Nguyen
Telephone: +84 39999 5919
E-Mail: Lindsay@duhochangluong.edu.vn


Name of Agency: Eduline Academy (http://www.eduline.edu.vn)
Contact Person: Hillary Nguyen
Telephone: +84 932316888
E-Mail: hillary@eduline.edu.vn


East Asia


Name of Agency: Franklin International Education Group (http://www.franklinedu.net/)
Contact Person: Vivien Liang
Telephone: +886 2 7709 7399
E-Mail: fiegedu@gmail.com

Name of Agency: OH! Study Education Center (https://ohstudy.net/)
Contact Person: Mindy Lin
Telephone: +886 2 2751 1919
E-Mail: mindy.lin@ohstudy.net


Name of Agency: Nogoon Jade Education Centre (http://www.nogoonjade.mn)
Contact Person: Joe Cheung, Nordermaa B
Telephone: +976 99096469, +976 99131238
E-Mail: joe.cheung@nogoonjade.mnnogoonj.cg80@gmail.comnoogii13nj@gmail.com

Central Asia



Name of Agency: M&K STUDY CENTRE (http://mks.kz/)
Contact Person: Yevgeniya Zholdasbayeva
Telephone: +7 727 2 588 583
E-Mail: info@mks.kz

Middle East



Name of Agency: EDUMAR Counseling (http://www.edumar.com.tr/)
Contact Person: Berk Paksoy
Telephone: +90 212 275 48 22
E-Mail: info@edumar.com.tr