KUAS to Offer Support to Students Affected by the Conflict in Ukraine

News General 2022.04.07

Kyoto University of Advanced Sciences is deeply concerned about the difficulties faced by the young students and researchers of Ukraine due to the Russian invasion that began on February 24, 2022.

Since April of 2022, KUAS has undergone major academic reforms with the aim of creating a clear new vision of the future for itself and its students under the slogan of “Move Ahead.”

The conflict in Ukraine concerns us all, and that is precisely why KUAS chooses to declare to the international community its commitment to building a new future. Thus, KUAS will offer support to Ukrainian students, graduate students, and researchers who have lost learning opportunities and who wish to pursue their education or research at KUAS in Kyoto, Japan.

In particular, we hope to invite Ukrainian students to our new Faculty of Engineering, which is the only engineering program of its kind in Japan. All of our engineering classes are taught in English, and this has allowed us to welcome international students from all over the world. By helping the youth of Ukraine, KUAS hopes to make a positive contribution to the international community and share its commitment to building the future together.

Ukraine Support Initiative Details

Faculties and Graduate Schools Prepared to Accept Students​

  • Faculty of Engineering
  • Graduate School of Engineering


  1. Specialized education provided by each participating Faculty and Graduate School   ​
  2. Japanese language instruction, internships, career support, and other educational programs also provided​

Other Details​

  • Ukrainian undergraduate students, graduate students and other qualified individual are eligible​
  • A full waiver of all tuition fees will be provided​
  • Researchers affiliated with Ukrainian universities and research institutions are also eligible​
  • Acceptance is subject to requirements and screening​
  • Student living expenses will be supported in part via KUAS faculty and staff donations​

UPDATE: In the four weeks following the announcement of KUAS's Ukraine Support Project, our university has received almost 200 applications from Ukrainian students.  
As our capacity to physically and financially host students is limited, KUAS has decided to close applications for the time being. KUAS is now seeking additional aid from exterior institutions, and we hope to re-open applications if said aid is forthcoming.