Associate Professor Matsumoto receives JACM Fellows Award

News Engineering 2020.09.01

Ryosuke MATSUMOTO, associate professor of the KUAS Faculty of Engineering and specialist in computational mechanics and solid mechanics, has received the Fellows Award from the Japan Association for Computational Mechanics (JACM). The JACM is the Japanese branch of the International Association for Computational Mechanics, in which 29 Japanese academic societies participate. Computational mechanics is a discipline that uses computers to solve mechanical problems, such as using computer simulations to perform structural or fluid flow analysis. The JACM Fellows Award is given to researchers who have made outstanding achievements in this field and contributed to IACM-related international conferences with the support of JACM.

Associate Professor Matsumoto is working to elucidate the deformation and fracture mechanisms of various materials by means of simulation techniques. These mechanisms range from microscopic (at the scale of electrons and atoms) to macroscopic. Professor Matsumoto was given this JACM Award in recognition of his research on the hydrogen embrittlement mechanism of steel materials. Hydrogen embrittlement is a phenomenon in which the strength of a metal is reduced by hydrogen. It has long been a problem when metallic materials are used in corrosive environments. In recent years, especially given the increasingly effective utilization of hydrogen energy, there is a growing need to predict and prevent this phenomenon. The knowledge that Professor Matsumoto has acquired so far on how hydrogen acts on materials to reduce their strength is expected to be applied to the reliability evaluation of mechanical structures and in the development of high-strength materials.
(Tadayuki Imai, Professor, Faculty of Engineering)