Chairman & President's Message: COVID-19's Impact on Society and Life at KUAS

News General 2020.04.08

To all members of the Kyoto University of Advanced Science Community,
Last Wednesday, the World Health Organization officially declared the Coronavirus a global pandemic with no end yet in sight. While this frightening and unfamiliar disease poses unprecedented challenges to our university, city, country and global community, we at Kyoto University of Advanced Science believe that it is our ongoing mission to protect the safety and wellbeing of students, caretakers, faculty and staff.
It is undeniable that the Coronavirus has had an impact on many activities at Kyoto University of Advanced Science. Our graduating students and their families, who had their graduation ceremony curtailed after four years of hard work, no doubt feel disappointment. The same could be said of our incoming freshmen, who will miss the opportunity to celebrate their university entrance with their friends. Many foreign exchange students planning to come to KUAS in the spring have had their plans disrupted by travel bans and quarantines. Club activities, job hunting, campus events—the list goes on.
In order to minimize the impact on our students, the faculty and staff of KUAS have made an all-out effort to move classes online and reorganize events. Although unforeseen difficulties may continue to arise, KUAS will remain firmly committed to the continued education of our students.
The government of Japan has issued a variety of measures calling for self-restraint and social distancing, and we must carry on in the knowledge that our cooperation with these measures is part of a necessary and coordinated international response to ensure public health and safety. Though the coming weeks may bring more challenges and disruptions to life at KUAS, we believe that each of our students can grow through this adversity by learning to think critically and act calmly.
We look forward to seeing you on campus.
NAGAMORI Shigenobu
Chairman of the Board of Directors Kyoto University of Advanced Science

MAEDA Masafumi
President Kyoto University of Advanced Science