Engineering Dean Tabata to Appear on iCANX to Address Online Students Amidst Coronavirus

Event Engineering 2020.05.13

iCANX is an opportunity for students from around the world, who are forced to study at home to prevent infection by the new corona countermeasures, to listen to online lectures by prominent researchers in the micro-nano field. It was planned by Professor Alice Zhang of Peking University, China, and started in April. 
On May 15, Professor Juergen Brugger of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Lausanne will give a talk and Prof. Tabata is invited to appear as a guest host. 
Please take a look. 

Delivery date and time
Friday, May 15 21: 00 ~ (Japan Time) 

Speaker: Juergen Brugger (Professor, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne) 
Theme: "Gentle Micro/Nano-Engineering for Fragile Material Microsystems"
Chair: Professor Osamu Tabata, Dean of the School of Engineering, Kyoto University of Advanced Science and Technology
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Summary of the lecture

You can watch the talk from the link below.

(Professor Tadayuki Imai, Department of Mechanical and Electrical Systems Engineering, School of Engineering)