First-year Faculty of Engineering Students Present at Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers Conference

News Engineering 2020.10.07

Christoffel Moekoe and Sena Yun, first-year Faculty of Engineering students from Kyoto University of Advanced Science, presented their research results at the most recent Society Conference of the Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers (IEICE) on September 15, 2020. During their first semester, under the guidance of Jr. Associate Professor Dr. Zilu Liang, the students performed empirical studies on how ICT can be leveraged to support engineering education. They evaluated teaching methods by looking back on their own experiences during their university classes. The students concluded that cloud-based educational technologies as well as authentic learning materials and activities, if used properly, can enhance the effectiveness of engineering education. The students wrote two technical papers about this work, titled “Building the Technical Communication Skills of Engineering Students Using Authentic Materials and Tasks” and “Leveraging Cloud-based Learning Technologies for Developing Professional Communication Skills in Collaborative Learning Environments”. Their presentations of these papers at the Network and Service Design, Control and Management session of the IEICE conference were well received.


(Tadayuki Imai, Professor, Faculty of Engineering)