Hyogo Center of Excellence Research Program to fund collaborative research led by Dr. Takahiro Namazu

News Engineering 2021.09.14

Hyogo prefecture has accepted a collaborative research proposal entitled “Innovative energy-saving instant bonding technology leading to a sustainable society” led by Professor Takahiro Namazu, a specialist in nanomechanics, nanotechnology, and functional materials, at the KUAS Faculty of Engineering. The work, which will be performed in collaboration with Shinko Seiki Co., Ltd., and Kobe City College of Technology, was accepted as an “Applicative Stage Research/Only One Technology Field” project, part of the Hyogo Center of Excellence (COE) Research Program.

The Hyogo COE Research Program supports full-scale, industry-academia-government collaborative and preparatory research projects to foster growth in fields such as medicine, healthcare, environment, and energy. Prof. Namazu’s project exploits an Aluminum/Nickel (Al/Ni) multilayer film that induces exothermic reactions in response to small stimuli (such as “picking with tweezers”) to realize an energy saving, eco-friendly, and high efficiency packaging technology for power semiconductor devices. Namazu Laboratory aims to establish and commercialize a void-free, crack-free, and brittle fracture-free bonding process that provides low thermal resistance and excellent mechanical reliability. With their innovative, energy-saving, and zero-emission manufacturing technology, they hope to revolutionize the automobile industry and contribute to improving global environmental problems.

With joy and enthusiasm for the full-scale development of the project, Prof. Namazu said, “It is time to aim for a practical application of our instant bonding research using Al/Ni exothermic multilayer film that we have pursued for many years. We will succeed in this project and contribute to the further development of Japan's manufacturing industry.”


Instantaneous reactive bonding using Al/Ni exothermic multilayer film
(Tadayuki Imai, Faculty of Engineering)