KUAS Engineering students win a Student Research Competition at an IEEE International Conference

News Engineering 2021.01.04

First-year engineering students Matayoshi Shinjiro, Tanaka Daisei and Yun Sena, won the undergraduate prize in the Student Research Competition at the 2020 IEEE International Conference on Teaching, Assessment and Learning for Engineering (TALE).  The competition was open to undergraduate and graduate students who participated remotely from several different countries.

The three winners presented their ongoing “Internet of Things” project developed under the guidance of Jr. Associate Professor Dr. Zilu Liang. The project, called “AkiKomi”, is a room occupancy monitoring system that provides real-time information about available study and meeting spaces in the Engineering Department building.  Their research question focuses on which kind of sensor can deliver the most accurate information. AkiKomi uses inexpensive Raspberry Pi computers with a variety of sensors to estimate the number of people currently occupying a room or meeting space. A mobile application provides this information in real time to people searching for an empty room for study or impromptu meetings.  The three students hope their approach will significantly reduce the time it takes to find an available space and note that a similar problem exists in office environments when workers are searching for a meeting room.