KUAS-E's Maekawa received the 15th Wakashachi Excellence Award

News Engineering 2021.02.16

KUAS Faculty of Engineering visiting researcher Kana Maekawa, a member of Professor Takahiro Namazu’s Nanomechatronics Laboratory (specialising in Nanomechanics, Nanotechnology, and Functional Materials), has received the “Excellence Award” from Aichi Prefecture’s 15th Wakashachi Incentive Awards in recognition of her outstanding research ideas and achievements. The Wakashachi Incentive Award was established by Aichi Prefecture, the Japan Science and Technology Foundation, and the Hibi Science Foundation to encourage young researchers’ in their activities and future development.

Ms. Maekawa is creating a unique technology that joins two wafers in less than 0.1 seconds using a self-propagating exothermic reaction in Al/Ni multilayer films by applying a minute external stimulus. This technology is expected to significantly reduce the process time and cost in semiconductor packaging, and to be an energy-saving and eco-friendly technology. Unfortunately a big problem with this technique is that cracks are introduced in the joint section. Ms. Maekawa discovered the possibility of artificially controlling the position and propagation direction of cracks by constructing a new, multipoint, simultaneous laser reaction induction system. Using this technology, if cracks are formed at desired positions where bonded wafers are to be cut then no cracks will remain inside the final device chips. Crack-free bonding can be achieved. Ms. Maekawa’s technique is expected to become a promising new technology in the semiconductor device industry that can also benefit the environment.

Ms. Maekawa said, “I am honoured to receive the Wakashachi Excellence Award. It was very difficult to design and develop a new device to prove my idea and perform an experiment that no one had done before, and I am very happy that the efforts and research results so far have been evaluated. I will continue to strive for better results.”
(Tadayuki Imai, Faculty of Engineering)