KUAS-E's Shindo Wins Double Award at MNC2019

News Engineering 2021.02.02

KUAS Faculty of Engineering researcher Michiko Shindo, a member of Professor Takahiro Namazu’s Nanomechatronics Laboratory (specialising in Nanomechanics, Nanotechnology, and Functional Materials), has received the Most Impressive Poster and Outstanding Paper awards from the 33rd International Conference on Microprocess and Nanotechnology (MNC2019).

When an external stimulus is applied to a multilayer film in which two types of metal are deposited with a thickness of several nanometers, atomic diffusion occurs at the interface between the two metals followed by the formation of compounds and instantaneous generation of heat. In order to apply this exothermic phenomenon to nanoparticles, it is necessary to create a repeating structure of two metals. Ms. Shindo realised this using a combination of porous silica nanoparticles and titanium film. By controlling the porosity of the silica particles, she succeeded in controlling the exothermic characteristics by changing the ratio of silica and titanium.

After presenting her work at the Microprocess and Nanotechnology conference, October 2019, she received the Most Impressive Poster and Outstanding Paper awards. She went on to publish an academic article about her work in the Japanese Journal of Applied Physics. Ms. Shindo said, "In addition to the heat-generating metallic nanoparticles being new, I think that establishing a mechanism to control the heat-generating performance led to the awards. I would like to continue to shape new ideas." The heat-generating nanoparticles resulting from this research are expected to be applied in the medical field to technology that efficiently kills cancer cells without damaging healthy cells, and in the semiconductor device industry to highly efficient substrate bonding technology.

(Tadayuki Imai, Faculty of Engineering)