KUAS Faculty of Engineering holds Virtual Tour and Lecture Seminar at request of IEEJ

News Engineering 2021.05.19


On Thursday, May 13th, the KUAS Faculty of Engineering held an online "Virtual Tour and Lecture Seminar" at the request of the Technical Committee on Rotating Machinery, Industry Applications Society of the Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan (established in 1888). The IEEJ Committee expressed interest in holding a seminar at the KUAS Faculty of Engineering due to its focus on the study of rotating machinery, including motor technology. In addition, KUAS features a cross-departmental curriculum, all-English classes, proactive recruitment of international students, and a Capstone Program in which third-year students work as a team to tackle problems in the corporate world instead of writing graduation theses.  

Dr. Tabata Osamu, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, gave a lecture at the beginning of the seminar, explaining the basic policies of the Faculty of Engineering and the unique curriculum developed to achieve its educational slogan of cultivating "Street Smart Engineers.” After Dr. Osamu’s introduction, the Committee members asked a series of questions, such as "Why is it that the level of university education in Japan, which should rank competitively, only ranks 51st in the world while the level of achievement at the age of 15 (PISA score) for Japanese students is 4th in the world among the 63 countries covered in the World Human Resources Ranking (2019 edition)?" and "How is the KUAS Faculty of Engineering preparing to induct 50% of its students from overseas and hold all classes in English from the very first year of study?" 

Following this exchange, Dr. Fuat Kucuk (Turkey), one of the Faculty of Engineering's international faculty members who is conducting motor-related research, gave a talk entitled "Development of a PM-SRM Drive for EV Application," and Dr. Alberto Castellazzi (Italy) gave a lecture titled "Solid-State Power Processing". As these lectures were also related to rotating machine technology, which is the theme of the IEEJ Committee, there were many questions from the Committee members and a lively discussion took place. 

During the closing comments of the seminar, one of the Committee members expressed surprise to learn that KUAS was such a “sharp” university and that they enjoyed the lively virtual tour and lectures by the faculty members. 
(Public Relations Division, Kazuhiro Ariki) 

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