KUAS Graduate School of Engineering Holds Inaugural Entrance Ceremony Online

News Engineering 2020.09.14

At 4:30 PM on Wednesday, September 9th, 2020, the KUAS Graduate School of Engineering held its Fall 2020 Entrance Ceremony for its inaugural class of international students. The ceremony was held via online streaming video and was attended by five graduate students from all over the world.


As this was an entrance ceremony for international students, the ceremony was conducted entirely in English, including the address by KUAS President Masafumi Maeda (below). Following this, the five new students each stated their aspirations for the future. Comments from students included hopes to come to Japan as soon as possible and broaden their horizons under the guidance of their professors, and to participate in the development of new kinds of electric motors after graduation.


[President's message]

First of all, congratulations on your enrollment in Kyoto University of Advanced Science.

This fall, we are joined by one graduate student from Georgia, one from Sri Lanka, one from Thailand, and two from Korea. To them, I would like to express a heartfelt welcome from the entire university.

At KUAS, we aim to produce globally-minded professionals with advanced technical knowledge and practical English communication skills. Of course, you all come from international backgrounds, so I am sure that English will not be an obstacle to any of you.

The new Faculty of Engineering in which you have enrolled was established just this April, but strong collaborative work between our Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, the Faculty of Humanities, the Faculty of Bioenvironmental Science, and the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences is already allowing us to build a strong intellectual foundation.

For example, AI has made remarkable progress in recent years and is being used in a variety of services. However, to use AI, you first have to understand people. In other words, creating artificial intelligence requires a deep understanding of human behavior. That is why the Faculty of Engineering must seek to cooperate with The Faculty of Humanities, which deals comprehensively with the human mind, past and future; the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, which seeks to understand the underlying mechanisms of society and business; the Faculty of Bioenvironmental Science, which approaches global issues from the three fields of life, environment, and agriculture; and the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, which contributes to improving human health. Kyoto University of Advanced Science is a comprehensive university, where great importance is placed on cross-disciplinary innovation.

University is not like high school. A university is a place for people who want to learn and work together. Prior to this, I think that a lot of you studied the so-called “basics”, but in graduate school you will focus on more specialized subjects. I hope that you take initiative when choosing your courses, and make it a point to study subjects that will propel you toward your graduation and your future careers. Each of you has chosen to enter graduate school for a reason. Remember that motivation, and hold on to it.

Unfortunately, since the beginning of 2020, COVID-19 has had a serious impact on the way that university campuses operate. For now, limitations on face-to-face classes must remain in place. However, as soon as it is possible, we intend to give students the chance to directly interact with professors in the classroom. In the meanwhile, our professors and staff are doing their utmost to make the best possible use of distance learning technologies. You may experience some difficulties with the limitations of distance learning given the specialized knowledge you must now pursue, but if you encounter any problems, please let us know. Our professors and staff will work together to support you in realizing your dreams, hopes, and futures.

Once again, I am proud to welcome all of you to KUAS. Learn as much as you want with us and enjoy your time as a student. Study hard, so that when you graduate, you will be a tough, street-smart professional who can demonstrate your abilities on the international stage.
September 9, 2020
Kyoto University of Advanced Science
President MAEDA Masafumi