KUAS Holds First Entrance Ceremony in Two Years

News General 2021.04.05

"We will devote ourselves to our studies and lead fulfilling lives at school so that we might achieve personal growth..." On April 3, 2021, the Kyoto University of Advanced Science entrance ceremony for the new school year was held at Miyako Messe in Kyoto City. Last year, the university's entrance ceremony had to be canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For the first time in two years, the KUAS was able to welcome its new class of students with hope and enthusiastic applause. 

Accompanied by the Kansai Philharmonic Orchestra, about 860 new students grouped according to their respective faculties entered the ceremony hall to the applause of KUAS faculty and staff. The ceremony began with a relaxed atmosphere, with some students giving a V-sign to the camera that was being broadcast the ceremony live to their parents. After everyone was seated, President Maeda Masafumi took to the stage to deliver a message. 

In his speech, President Maeda congratulated the students on their admission to KUAS and said, "You have made an excellent choice by enrolling at KUAS. The next four years will be of great value to you," expressing confidence in his university's readiness to welcome their new class of students. President Maeda also encouraged the incoming class to consult with the faculty and staff if they have ever need guidance, and emphasized that KUAS is a compact, powerful, and friendly university. Following President Maeda, Chairman Nagamori Shigenobu addressed the audience, asking for their help in making KUAS a first-class university. "Hard work never betrays anyone. If you make great efforts during these four years, it will be a turning point in your lives," Chairman Nagamori said, expressing his intention to take the lead in supporting the new class of students. 

Following Chairman Nagamori's Greeting, Mr. Hatakeda of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Ms. Shigeyama of the Faculty of Humanities, Ms. Morita of the Faculty of Bioenvironmental Sciences, Mr. Sugita of the Faculty of Engineering, and Ms. Ono of the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences lined up on stage, and Ms. Ono swore an oath as a representative of her fellow new students. Mr. Tokuyama of the Graduate School of Economics, representing the graduate students, pledged, "I will devote myself to academic research, while striving to cultivate my own character." 

This year's graduation ceremony was broadcast live so that parents, who were unable to attend due to COVID-19 safety measures, could watch the proceedings. On the condition that students remained silent as they entered the ceremony hall, the students were able to take off their masks and smile for the camera, then replaced their masks before being seated. 
(Institute of Interdisciplinary Research Seiji Ueshima)