Research Exchange Meeting Held at Uzumasa Campus

News Engineering 2023.03.28

At Kyoto University of Advanced Science, members of each faculty make a point to transcend the barriers of research to collaborate and create a research unique to KUAS. As a part of this effort, KUAS has been regularly hosting the "Bonds of Research Symposium" since 2021.
On March 1, 2023, the "KUAS Research Exchange Meeting" was held as the culmination of the 2022 academic year Bonds of Research Symposium.
Dr. Kazuhiro Tanaka (Faculty of Bioenvironental Sciences) presenting his research findings

 The KUAS Research Exchange Meeting consisted of two parts: a lecture and a poster session.
At the opening lecture, Vice President Toshihiko Koseki spoke about the importance of strengthening the research capabilities of KUAS, followed by a presentation on the outcomes of three research projects supported by "Support for Cross-Sectoral Projects," an in-house grant that was started in 2020. The representatives of each project gave a presentation on how they came up with the idea for their research project, how the project was formed, and the results and issues, which offered many suggestions to researchers who intend to engage in cross-sectoral research in the future.
In the poster session that followed, Chairman Shigenobu Nagamori listened to the presentations and exchanged opinions with the presenters, eight of which were given commendations for their outstanding content. 
In 2023, KUAS will continue its efforts to create cross-disciplinary research ties between its faculty members.
Dr. Sajid Nisar (Faculty of Engineering) and his students at the event