Professor Tabata & Associates from Korea and USA Publish New Article in IEEE Open Journal of Nanotechnology

News Engineering 2021.11.17

Professor Tabata, the Dean of the KUAS Faculty of Engineering, has cooperated with researchers from Korea and the United States to publish a new article titled "Design Approaches and Computational Tools for DNA Nanostructures". The article is available for reading at this link.

Journal Abstract
Designing a structure in nanoscale with desired shape and properties has been enabled by structural DNA nanotechnology. Design strategies in this research field have evolved to interpret various aspects of increasingly more complex nanoscale assembly and to realize molecular-level functionality by exploring static to dynamic characteristics of the target structure. Computational tools have naturally been of significant interest as they are essential to achieve a fine control over both shape and physicochemical properties of the structure. Here, we review the basic design principles of structural DNA nanotechnology together with its computational analysis and design tools.