Professor Yama Megumi will host a worldwide web-lecture on the theme of “Traditional Japanese Culture as Represented in the Animated Film ‘Spirited Away’.”

Event Humanities 2020.06.24

Professor Yama, of the Department of Psychology of the Faculty of Humanities, Kyoto University of Advanced Science, will give a live lecture at the “Jung Film School,” a 10-week program of psyche & cinema presented by the Centre for Applied Jungian Studies in South Africa. 
The “Jung Film School” is a ten-week online academy designed to explore the creative intersection of mind and cinema. It is a unique opportunity to explore the genres of film through the eyes of international Jungian scholars, analysts, cultural critics, and philosophers. Professor Yama is set to appear in the eighth week of the program, where she will give a 90-minute lecture on the theme of “Traditional Japanese Culture as Represented in the Animated Film ‘Spirited Away’.”
Professor Yama will provide a Jungian interpretation of the hit film and talk about Japanese culture and the spirituality of the Japanese people. It is reported that people in the film industry have applied to attend, so the professor hopes to talk about Japanese culture and the expressive styles of animation. 
Part of the content of this lecture will also be provided as a mock lesson at our open campus on Saturday, August 1. Once the opening of our Kyoto Uzumasa Campus has been announced, please come and listen to this lecture in person.

Delivery date and time
Sunday, August 9  8:30-10:00 (Japan Time) 

You can watch the talk from the link below.
Advance registration required.

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