Department of Agriculture and Food Technology

Features of the Department

  • Students comprehensively study the flow of production from agriculture to sales.
  • Students can engage in on-campus practical learning at the new “Breeding Development Center” and “Food Development Center”.
  • We challenge students to conduct projects in collaboration with industries in Kyoto-Tamba and Kameoka regions as a “Regional Laboratory”.
  • In their 4th year, each of the students is assigned to a particular laboratory in order to be engaged in advanced research on foods and agriculture.

Using the environment provided by Kameoka to deliver practical, locally based approaches for a new agriculture.

Agriculture Fujii Sensei.jpg

Faculty of Bioenvironmental Science, Department of Agriculture and Food Technology, Professor Yasuyo Fujii

Kameoka has always been known as “Kyoto’s pantry” due to its abundance of arable land that has served as a center of Kyoto’s famous vegetables. The city has also shown to be pro-active in adopting new approaches to agriculture, such as launching a new environmentally-friendly vegetable brand or developing a large solar-powered farm. In my research lab, I am also working on developing soil improvement additives together with studies for use with local vegetable brands. This close cooperation and collaboration with local farmers is just one of the unique points of our program. Due to this practical approach, a lot of our graduates are in high-demand in the field, such as with makers of foodstuffs and in agriculture.