Division of Business Administration, Graduate School of Business Administration (Business School [MBA Program])

About the Business School: Concept and Features

Leading figures in various fields come together to develop students’ practical capabilities.


The most distinctive features of the KUAS Business School are its top-notch faculty and the Master of Business Administration degree it awards. Courses are taught by instructors with vast experience in the forefront of the global world of business administration as well as expert researchers. This ensures that students acquire a deep understanding of each subject. In addition, the Business School also offers the opportunity to attend many lectures by the leaders of top-class global companies. We have chosen to be an institution that grants a master’s degree in business administration, rather than a professional-degree-awarding institution, which might only focus on instilling knowledge into students. This is because we want our students to acquire the practical ability to cope with change by utilizing the diverse knowledge obtained through the creation of their Master’s thesis. I look forward to seeing you on campus and learning together with you.

TOKUGA Yoshihiro
Dean of the Graduate School of Business Administration​​​​​​​


TOKUGA Yoshihiro has a PhD in Economics (awarded by Kyoto University). After working as a professor at the Graduate School of Economics of Kyushu University, the Graduate School of Economics of Kyoto University and the Graduate School of Management of Kyoto University, as well as the Dean of the Graduate School of Management of Kyoto University, he served as Vice President of Kyoto University for three terms. He also served as a member of the Accounting Standards Board of Japan (ASBJ), President of the Japan Accounting Association, and President of the Japan Society of Comparative International Governmental Accounting Research. He is also a former President of the Asian Academic Accounting Association and a former Vice President of the International Association of Accounting Education and Research. He now concurrently serves as an advisor to the Office of Society-Academia Collaboration for Innovation, Kyoto University, Chairperson of the Corporate Accounting Council of the Financial Services Agency, a member of the Certified Public Accountants and Auditing Oversight Board of the Financial Services Agency, and a member of the Nikkei Economic Book Cultural Award Jury.


The KUAS Business School nurtures management professionals with practical competencies who can think from a global perspective and adapt to change.



Become a creative, innovative next-generation leader who can succeed on the global stage.

1)We enable mid-career students with an engineering or other professional background to acquire a good understanding of the fundamentals of business administration, thereby training them as management professionals who can make and execute business decisions.

2)We enable students with a humanities or social-science background to acquire accurate technological knowledge, which is indispensable in building business models, providing new products and services, efficiently using in-house resources, and managing corporate operations. By doing so, we train them as professionals who can contribute to corporate transformation free from preconceptions or conventional management approaches.

3. Features

The education offered by the KUAS Business School has four advanced features that fuel the passion, enthusiasm, and perseverance of students who strive to become next-generation leaders.


Programs: Courses and Curriculum

The KUAS Business School offers a curriculum that comprises diverse courses taught by excellent instructors to help you move ahead with your career development plan. Students may choose the optimal program for their future ambitions..

Admission: Entrance Examination, Tuition Fees, and Scholarships

1.Entrance examination schedules and application periods

*The information provided below is intended for general reference. For exact details, be refer to the KUAS Business School Entrance Examination Guidelines.


2.Requirements for application

Below are the major requirements. For exact details, be sure to refer to the KUAS Business School Entrance Examination Guidelines.

Applicants must meet criteria 1 or 2 below, either currently or at the time of admission, AND meet criteria 4 below concerning preliminary screening.

  1. Completed an undergraduate or equivalent education (For details, refer to the Entrance Examination Guidelines.)

3.Selection Process

Only those who have passed the document-based pre-application review can apply for the interview-based entrance examination. In the interview, each applicant will be asked mainly about their research plan.


4.Application documents

Refer to the Entrance Examination Guidelines below, and prepare the pre-application review documents and the application documents. (The entrance examination fee is 35,000 yen.)

[Entrance Examination Guidelines and pre-application and application forms for download]

Graduate School of Business Administration Master’s Program

<pre-application form>

<application forms>



Tuition (TBD 2023)

〔Tuition for non-alumni〕 

  Annual  Annual Breakdown  Notes
Upon entry (for the first semester)  Payable in October
1st payment 2nd payment
Admission fee 200,000 200,000 *First year only
School fees  Tuition  1,500,000 750,000 750,000  
Total  1,700,000 200,000 750,000 750,000  

*The entrance fee for those who have completed their undergraduate education at Kyoto University of Advanced Science (former Kyoto Gakuen University) is 100,000 yen.


〔Tuition for KUAS alumni〕

  Annual  Annual Breakdown Notes
Upon entry (for the first semester)  Payable in October
1st payment 2nd payment 
Admission fee 100,000 100,000 *First year only
School fees  Tuition  1,500,000 750,000 750,000  
Total  1,600,000 200,000 750,000 750,000  

*The entrance fee for those who have completed their undergraduate education at Kyoto University of Advanced Science (former Kyoto Gakuen University) is 100,000 yen.


  • To receive a scholarship, you must apply for it at the same time as you apply for the entrance examination.​​​​​​
    Be sure to select whether or not you wish to apply for a scholarship in the “Scholarship” section of the entrance examination application form when you apply online.
  • The Super Top Scholarship is available for scholarship applicants who have demonstrated exceptional academic aptitude.
Name  Description Amount and other information
KUAS Super Top Scholarship Intended for applicants to the Graduate School Scholarship who are of exceptional merit 1.Full exemption from admission fees, tuition, facility and equipment fees, and laboratory training fees

2. A financial support stipend of 600,000 yen per semester
KUAS Graduate School Scholarship Intended for applicants who can act as role models for other graduate students at KUAS in terms of research and academic achievement  100% OR 50% waiver of admission fees, tuition, facility and equipment fees, and laboratory training fees

*Students who are sent and funded by companies are not allowed to receive any scholarship.

Faculty: Messages and Profiles

Leading figures in academia and business work together to foster professionals with the practical ability to respond to change.


Learn the most advanced, practically useful business administration methods and become a leader in innovation.Courses in his charge: Seven courses related to corporate strategy, including Entrepreneurship, Corporate Transformation, and Creating Shared Value

In my classes, I seek to combine the most advanced business administration methods and my experience of working as a management strategy consultant with case studies from my MBA Program at Harvard Business School. In my classes, students will be engaged in dialogue-based action learning. I carefully guide my students so that they can take the results of their learning back to their companies and play a leading role in innovation. I believe that our KUAS Business School students, who are striving to become next-generation leaders, should have passion, enthusiasm and perseverance. Finally, I invite a number of leading business figures to my classroom to share their views as top corporate executives.

Professor NAWA Takashi​​​​​​​


NAWA Takashi was awarded an MBA by Harvard Business School and was recognized as a Baker Scholar while working at Mitsubishi Corporation. He later moved to McKinsey & Company and worked as a consultant to top corporate managements for 20 years. He now concurrently serves as an outside director of Fast Retailing Co., Ltd., Ajinomoto Co., Inc., SOMPO Holdings, Inc., etc., and as a senior advisor to Accenture and other companies.

kato photo.JPG

Differentiate yourself from others by thoroughly mastering skills in financial data analysis.Courses in his charge: Finance; ESG Investment; Investment Management Theory and Practice; Research Guidance​​​​​​​

Standing out in your company requires you to acquire financial knowledge by combining the most advanced theory with practical experience. In my classes, students are given the opportunity to discuss until they reach a true understanding of the content. Each student is provided with a dedicated individual account that allows them to access financial and securities databases around the world from their home, in order to start from scratch and obtain a high level of data analysis ability. Students are not required to have any scientific or engineering background. No other business school can offer such a privileged learning environment. I guarantee that obtaining skills in versatile financial data science will be a more profitable investment for you than you expect.

Professor KATO Yasuyuki​​​​​​​


KATO Yasuyuki graduated from the Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology, and joined Nomura Research Institute, Ltd. After moving to Nomura Securities Co., Ltd., he was appointed as a Senior Managing Director of the company in 2005. He later served as a professor at the Graduate School of Management of Kyoto University. He now concurrently serves as a member of the Board of Governors of Government Pension Investment Fund (GPIF) and Director of the Money Design Research Institute. He has also been involved in founding multiple fintech companies.

During the 2022 school year, the following top-class businesspersons with global careers provided special lectures to our students.

1) Mr. ISHIKAWA Masataka
Senior Managing Director, Strategy Group Lead, Japan and Life Sciences Practice Lead, Japan, Accenture Strategy & Consulting

2) Mr. FUKUSHI Hiroshi
Special Advisor to Ajinomoto Co., Inc.

3) Mr. FUJIMA Miki

4NAGAMORI Shigenobu
Founder, Representative Director and Chairman, Nidec Corporation (Chairman of Nagamori Gakuen Educational Foundation)



Student Voices: Interviews with Students

Listen to our first class of students talk about the KUAS Business School.


Don’t be afraid of high-level classes taught in English.

They can help you deepen your learning.

I was concerned about whether I’d be able to keep up with business classes taught in English from a global perspective. However, thorough preparations and reviews have helped me participate in the classes without issue. The instructors provide us with full support and follow-up. I am developing both my ability in business administration and my practical English proficiency in an exciting environment that teaches me how to create new knowledge.

Ms. MURAKAMI Akiko (working at the Kyoto Prefecture government)



Discussions with excellent instructors will help you develop your ability to influence others and propose new ideas.

In class, the instructors sometimes seek our opinions on questions with no objective answer. Although I sometimes used to feel nervous about sharing my views in front of our professors, who are experts, I now enjoy participating in our discussions that have become increasingly deep through such questions. Back at my company, my superiors and colleagues have praised me for my personal growth through this program, including my greater capacity for initiative.

Mr. HARA Hideo (working at Nippon Paint Corporate Solutions Co., Ltd.)



With outstanding instructors in terms of both personality and teaching ability, the Business School offers a wonderful learning environment.

The instructor of the seminar on financial data analysis is a world authority on financial engineering. Nevertheless, he aligns his viewpoint with beginners like me and provides careful guidance. I have found that instructors who are excellent in their specialty are also outstanding in terms of personality and teaching ability. I hope to achieve personal growth and become like them as much as possible.

Mr. OZAKI Rui (working at Nissin Electric Co., Ltd.)



Interacting with my peers in my class has greatly inspired me.

My fellow classmates at the KUAS Business School are diverse in terms of age, employment and position, including middle managers at financial companies and manufacturers, as well as top managers of small or medium-sized enterprises. Interacting with them has taught me a lot, for example, about the realities of business in China and the financing of startups. The Business School has allowed me to acquire valuable relationships with them.

Mr. TAKADA Kodai (working at SCREEN Holdings Co., Ltd.)



Dialogue with top executives of global companies has provided me with a helpful guide in my life.

A special lecture given by Chairman Nagamori on self-improvement contained knowledge that I will cherish for a long time. I don’t believe that any business school other than the KUAS Business School could provide students with such ample opportunities to consult or put questions to super-busy top corporate executives.

Mr. MATSUDA Takashi (working at Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation)

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