KUAS at a Glance


1. Kyoto: The Finest Study Destination

Being the former capital of Japan for more than a millennium, Kyoto remains a center of culture, industry, technology, and history. It is an academic city that has produced numerous Nobel Prize winners, and it is also home to many of the world’s leading high-tech industries and long-standing companies that have been in operation for centuries. Kyoto is an ideal place for learning in all fields. KUAS has Uzumasa Campus in the city area, where there are many historical sites, as well as Kameoka Campus, which is plentiful in nature, in the western part of Kyoto. Students can study while making full use of the advantages Kyoto has to offer.

2. Rich Diversity

KUAS has over 300 international students from over 40 different countries*, and that number is only expected to continuing growing. Students have many opportunities to interact with peers from a variety of backgrounds on campus.
*As of Fall 2023

3. All-English Programs

KUAS offers all-English programs in three faculties*. No Japanese language proficiency is required to apply. Students can obtain skills at an advanced level in English, even in Japan.
*Bioenvironmental Sciences International Program and Global Business and Economics Program will start in 2025.

4. Acquisition of Japanese Language Proficiency

The curriculum of the English program also includes Japanese language courses. By acquiring Japanese language proficiency to supplement their technical skill, students can broaden their options for post-graduation career paths.

Note: Japanese courses are not part of the curriculum for graduate studies, but students may apply for noncredited courses for a small additional cost.

5. Real-world Experience

All programs at KUAS are based on a practical approach. By gaining experience through exposure to real-world business, technology, and research, graduates will be primed to take an active role in society upon graduation.

KUAS in Numbers

2 Campuses

KUAS has two campuses in Kyoto; one in Uzumasa and another in Kameoka. Each of these campuses possesses its own unique characteristics and facilities, allowing KUAS students to get a fulfilling college experience.

3,600 Students

KUAS has a total enrollment of over 3,600 students across all faculties. Over 300 of those students are from abroad*.
*As of 2023


KUAS was founded in 1969 in Kameoka City. Despite its 50-year history, KUAS is progressive, constantly innovating and evolving with the times.

100 Percent

While KUAS has a 97% overall employment rate for its graduates, it boasts a 100%* employment rate for its international students of Japanese program.
*As of 2023. The first group of students in the English program is scheduled to graduate in 2025.


English Programs

Japanese Programs

These programs are taught in Japanese. International students will need Japanese ability equivalent to JLPT N2 level or above. For the admissions of International students to these faculties, please visit our Japanese site.