Uzumasa Campus

Address: 18 Gotanda-cho, Yamanouchi, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan, 615-8577

Access from the nearest station:

  • 3 minutes from the Uzumasa Tenjingawa Subway Station (Tozai Line)
  • 5 minutes from the Randen Tenjingawa Station (Kyoto Keifuku Line)

*Please note there are no car parking lots at Uzumasa Campus. Please commute by public transport or bicycle.

Kameoka Campus

Address: 1-1 Sogabecho Nanjo Otani, Kameoka, Japan, 621-8555

Access by car/motor-cycle:

  • About 25 minutes from West Kyoto:
    Please use National Highway 9 in the direction to Kameoka, If using the Kyoto Throughway, please get off at the Kameoka Interchain. You will see our university’s sign. Please follow it and turn left, and you will soon arrive.
  • About 40 minutes from Takatsuki, Ibaraki and Ikeda:
    From Ikeda, Kawanishi and Minoh, please use National Highway 439. From Ibaraki please use Prefectural Road 46, and from Takatsuki please use Prefectural Road 6. For any of the above, follow the directions towards Kameoka.

Access from the nearest station:

The closest stations are JR Kameoka Station, Hankyu Katsura Station and JR Katsuragawa Station. We operate busses from each of these stations to campus, easing your commute.

  • About 30 minutes from JR Kyoto Station:
    Please use the Sanin Line (Sagano Line) and get off at JR Kameoka Station. You can then use our bus to get to campus.

Using KUAS’ School Bus:

  • About 30 minutes from Hankyu Katsura Station:
    If using the Hankyu, please get off at Katsura Station and use our university-operated bus, which runs from the East Exit of the station.
  • About 30 minutes from JR Katsuragawa Station:
    If using JR Katsuragawa station, please use our university-operated bus.

Please note that we also operate busses in between Uzumasa and Kameoka campus.