Engineering (Graduate)

Lead the Next Generation of Engineering to a New Frontier

Facing the rapid structural reforms in society and industry head-on, KUAS Graduate School of Engineering nurtures engineers with elite skills and knowledge, ensuring that they will become international leaders in the field of science and technology for their generation.
In recent times, we have seen rapid changes to our world, with advancements in technology markets that did not exist in the past – including robotics, drones, and electric cars. Furthermore, industries in the future will be supported by systems based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data, and they will be inter-connected through the Internet of Things (IoT). This has resulted in a strong demand for a new approach to educating the engineers of the future, as engineering is the foundation of industry and key to the emergence of new disciplines.
Conventional learning commonly follows an “analytical” approach in which one studies and deepens one’s knowledge in a particular academic field to explore the essence of phenomena and discover basic truths. KUAS Graduate School of Engineering aims to transcend such conventional ways, moving towards a “synthetic” approach where one establishes new systems and concepts based on multiple truths from different academic disciplines. Our program aims to educate synthetic engineers as part of what we believe is a new global paradigm. The mission of our engineering department and graduate school is to cultivate thinkers who can create new technology platforms and academic fields that will sustain those platforms for decades to come.

Dean’s Message

Digital transformation has begun to bring about groundbreaking innovation that radically defies existing values and frameworks. Robots and self-driving cars are just two of many examples of that.
To lead the DX era, there is a demand for highly-specialized engineers who can identify issues with high social needs from a global perspective. They must solve those issues through multiple digital technologies, without being confined to a single technological field.
KUAS Graduate School of Engineering focuses on four fields– materials, energy, information and systems– to meet the diverse technological needs of the DX era. We train highly-specialized engineers who can create new concepts and contribute to the next generation of industry and the emergence of new values by intensively studying one specialized field while also integrating and advancing their knowledge in the other three fields.
We look forward to receiving applications from many motivated individuals.

(Prof. Osamu Tabata, Dean of Graduate School of Engineering)