Engineering (Graduate)

KUAS Graduate School of Engineering’s program is based on the four fields of materials, energy, information and systems, with each research field correlating and overlapping with the others. Students can seek expert advice from specialists outside their field, which can lead to their discovery of new ideas. Students learn how to innovate at a professional level while expanding their integrated knowledge beyond the boundaries of their field.
At KUAS, students are taught by experts in a wide range of fields. Please see the table below for details.

Dr. Koichi Nakamura Quantum Materials Science, Quantum Chemistry, Quantum Physics, Theory of Electronic States, Theory of Materials Properties, Nanomaterials
Dr. Ryosuke Matsumoto Solid Mechanics, Computational Mechanics, Strength and Fracture of Materials, Atomic Level Simulation
Dr. Shigeru Horii Materials Science, Solid-state Physics, Ceramics, Strong Magnetic Field Science, Superconductivity
Dr. Tadayuki Imai Optoelectronic Devices, Optical Crystals, Dielectrics, Holography
Dr. Takahiro Namazu Nanomechanics, Nanotechnology, Functional Materials
Dr. Alberto Castellazzi Power Electronics, Power Semiconductor Devices, Packaging, Thermal Management
Dr. Fuat Kucuk High Efficiency Motors, Motor Drive Circuits, Power Electronics, Electromechanical Actuators, Renewable Energy Conversion Systems, Electric Vehicles
Dr. Ippei Kishida Computational Materials Science, Battery Engineering, Ionics
Dr. Ryo Takahashi Electrical Energy Engineering, Information and Communication Engineering, Engineering Applications of Statistical and Nonlinear Physics
Dr. Osamu Tabata MEMS, NEMS, DNA Nanotechnology, Sensor
Dr. Hiroshi Kawakami System Design, Systems Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
Dr. Ian Piumarta Meta-programming, Dynamic Languages, Domain-Specific Languages, Virtual Machines, Self-Modifying and Reconfigurable Systems, Microcontrollers, Microprocessors, and Limited-Resource Computing
Dr. Martin Sera Mathematics, Complex Analysis, Complex Geometry
Dr. Masayuki Nishi Inorganic Material Chemistry, Nanomaterials, Synthesis and Processing, Optical Materials, Glasses, Ceramics
Dr. Zilu Liang Pervasive Computing, Wearable Computing, Personal Informatics, AI for Health, AI for Education
Dr. Hiroaki Fukushima Motion Control of Robots, Multiple Robot Systems;
Dr. Kazuo Oki Data Science, Food Production Technology & Sustainable Watershed Management
Dr. Sajid Nisar Medical Robotics, AI-powered Human-Machine Systems, Haptics, Soft Manipulators & Actuators;
Dr. Salem Ibrahim Salem Remote Sensing, Drone Measurement, Environment Monitoring, Artificial Intelligence, Voice Recognition, Hydrometeorology, Climate Change Impact Assessment
Dr. Yoshihiro Sato Robotics, Computer Vision, VR/MR