Life at KUAS

Feeling apprehensive about your university life in Japan? No need to worry.
KUAS provides a comfortable campus environment, and there is always someone to help students in need of assistance. Though KUAS is a small-scale university, this enables thorough correspondence for each student.
KUAS guarantees a sound environment for all students to engage in various on-campus activities.

International Office

The International Office provides various forms of support to help international students get acclimated to their life at KUAS with ease. The International Office offers assistance with visa procedures, scholarship applications, introducing real estate agents, and guidance on life in Japan. The International Office also plans social events where students of various backgrounds can interact with one another. The staff consists of insightful, friendly individuals who warmly welcome international students.

Buddy Program

As an initiative to promote multicultural exchange among students, the International Office provides the “Buddy Program”. The purpose of the Buddy Program is to help international students get used to student life at KUAS as soon as possible by providing them with support in their daily lives, as well as to offer current students opportunities to learn through multicultural exchange. Buddies will be international students’ first friends at KUAS and will provide solid advice on starting their life in Japan.


All students at KUAS will take Sports Life Skills (SLS) classes. This course is designed to foster health and teamwork through sports, and to develop essential social skills, such as initiative and situational awareness.
Students can choose from a variety of sports including basketball, soccer, tennis and so on.

The Career Development Center

The Career Development Center help students to find and build a suitable post-graduation career path. Currently, KUAS operates more than 100 internship programs in Japan and over 30 overseas programs*. By gaining work experience before graduation, students can expand their career options. The Career Development Center can also provide students with valuable insight into Japan’s unique job hunting culture. Our staff members, who are connected to a variety of industries, are here to guide you and help you achieve your professional goals.
*As of 2022


KUAS is constantly seeking to improve the overall quality of campus life for its students. You can depend on the Nurse’s Office and the Student Counseling Office for any additional support. If you have questions about your classes, our English-speaking staff at the Student Affairs Office is on standby, waiting to provide you with any information you may need.
For more information on campus life and student support, please visit our official website for current students.