Faculty of Engineering


Dr. Koichi Nakamura

Koichi Nakamura obtained his MSc and PhD degrees in engineering from Kyoto University in 1996 and 2000, respectively. After finishing his doctoral course, he worked in Kyoto University and Ritsumeikan University in the field of quantum chemistry and physics for group IV semiconductors (including silicon carbides), III-V semiconductors, high-k gate dielectric oxides, carbon nanomaterials, etc. - towards the application to sensing elements and electronics devices.

Since 2011, Koichi is part of a JICA project for the foundation of the Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology (E-JUST) as a Japanese professor, staying in Alexandria, Egypt for more than seven years. At E-JUST, he was in charge of many courses regarding semiconductors, crystallography, electronic properties of materials, atomistic simulation, and mathematics for graduate students belonging to the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, in addition to research supervisions for them.

At KUAS, he will take over all engineering mathematics courses in the Faculty of Engineering. Koichi’s research interests are relativistic electronic-state simulation for material systems and theoretical approaches to thermoelectric and electromechanical properties in post-graphene 2D nanomaterials and high-entropy alloys.

In his spare time, Koichi enjoys playing shogi (Japanese chess), and he is also interested in the ecology of cats ever since he began raising quadruplet feral kittens (two brown tabby girls, a black/white masked girl, and a gray tabby boy) born at his laboratory in Egypt.

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