About KUAS


· We develop progressive human resources who are capable of defining the challenges that will shape the future, and delivering solutions.
· We develop initiatives for an aspiring modern society, and pursue advanced research that paves the way towards solving the diverse problems society faces today.
· We play a leading role in contributing to the world today and tomorrow by developing human resources and engaging in research.

“Creating new paradigms in our global society”
- Masafumi Maeda, President of KUAS

Welcome to the Kyoto University of Advanced Science. Under our new name, our university is evolving into a comprehensive university, but one that is centered on our truly unique Faculty of Engineering. We have established this department in response to global needs: the evolution of robots and automated machines, as well as drones and electric vehicles, will bring about societal reforms at a rapid pace. Therefore, we are devoted to being a university that creates knowledge and develops skills that are demanded by our modern world. Do you want to join us in creating the new KUAS together? We will be waiting.

“Creating new paradigms in our global society”
- Greetings from the President

“Alright, let’s go surprise the world”
- Message from the Chairman