Dormitory Information

KUAS provides several dormitories that are perfect for international students to start their lives in Japan. The dorms are located on or near KUAS Uzumasa Campus, making for a very quick commute. Uzumasa Campus is in a very ideal location, as it neighbors the local city office, a shopping mall, convenience stores, pharmacies, and various restaurants whose menus include halal or vegan options. The dorms have great accessibility, so students can easily go to the city center and explore Kyoto’s world heritage sites and downtown areas.
Furthermore, the KUAS dormitories are international residences that house both Japanese and international students together. Through this international exchange experience, students can deepen their understanding of other cultures and values and cultivate themselves into global, ethical professionals who are capable of tackling complex issues with expert knowledge, multidisciplinary insight, creative thinking and a panoramic perspective.
Each dormitory* has a caretaker, RA (Resident Assistant) and tutor. RAs are appointed by the faculty staff, and tutors are appointed by the students living in the dormitories. Both are responsible for supporting the daily lives of the dorm residents. They are close to the students and can easily be reached to consult about various problems, making the students feel at ease in the dormitory. (*: excluding for Dormitory C.)

KUAS is planning to provide student housing for more convenient commutes to Kameoka Campus. Further details will be announced in the near future.

Students who do not wish to live in our dormitories can consult with the KUAS International Office, who will introduce local English-speaking real estate agents that can help international students find a place to live.

Note: As a general rule, students may only live in the KUAS dormitories for their first two years* at KUAS, after which they must seek housing off campus. (*: subject to change)