How to Apply (Graduate)

1. Get familiar with KUAS and our program

First, explore our official website and find out more about our program’s Key Features, Fields of Study, and Curriculum on the Academics page. The information on this page will give you a general overview of what our program is all about. You can also find faculty who match your previous research and interests on our Faculty & Research page or Faculty List.
If you would like to learn more about what our institution has to offer, the About KUAS and Student Life sections can provide you with helpful information, such as a simple guide to life in Kyoto, campus and dormitory information, and more.
We also recommend downloading the Prospectus, which contains specific information on our program and gives insight into what life is like for students of our program.

2. Check Eligibility and Application Guidelines

Be sure to check the Eligibility page and confirm the requirements for admission. This page lists the required English language proficiency and academic level to be completed. Don’t forget to check the Admission Schedules, which will serve as a useful reference to help you stay on track during the admission process.
Download and read the Application Guidelines carefully. These guidelines contain a great deal of important information on admissions.

3. Register for pre-application review

All graduate school applicants must go through pre-application review before applying. This is to ensure that students can receive proper supervision for their desired research topic during their studies at KUAS. If you do not obtain consent from your prospective supervisor through this process, you will not be able to proceed to the the application.
Prepare your documents and register for pre-application review by clicking the “Register for pre-application review” button at the top and bottom of this page. Registrations and applications are done through an online application system (TAO) and can be submitted during the entry periods. See the Required Documents page for information about the documents that must be submitted.

4. Prepare the required documents for the application

Once you have received approval from your prospective supervisor(s), get ready for your application. The Application Guidelines and the Required Documents page provide information about the documents necessary for the application. We advise applicants to request their letters of recommendation in advance to prevent complications or late submissions.

5. Submit your application online

TAO will send you a notification that includes a link to the application page. Access the link, fill in all forms and upload your prepared documents. If you have any questions about the system, please refer to the guides below.

6. Pay the application fee

Remember to pay the application fee during the application period. The application fee is 5,000 JPY (non-refundable) and is payable via credit/debit card or other international payment options when submitting the application online.

Kyoto University of Advanced Science utilizes Flywire for the processing of our international students’ school fees. Flywire allows for payment from most banks, offers competitive exchange rates, and provides 24-hour user support.

Note: The application fee will not be waived or refunded under any circumstances.

7. Take an online interview

After you submit your application, you will receive a message with detailed information including the interview date and time. Please ensure that you check your email and messages regularly and respond promptly. An internet connection and access to Zoom is required.

Precautions when Submitting an Application

The online application system (TAO) will save your progress on your application, but incomplete pages will not be saved. Please ensure that you fill in all required items on the page you are currently working on before saving your progress and closing your browser.

Please use one of the following recommended internet browsers:
Microsoft Edge (Latest version)
Google Chrome (Latest version)
Safari (Latest version)
Firefox (Latest version)

If you have any concerns, please contact the International Admissions Office.