Vision & Philosophy

Founding Principles

  • KUAS will seek to produce outstanding graduates who can identify and solve the problems of the future.
  • KUAS will seek to envision a brighter future for society and conduct advanced academic research that will lead to the realization of that vision.
  • By producing excellent graduates and research, KUAS will take a leading role in contributing to society, both today and in the centuries to come.

Putting our Founding Principles into Practice

  • The experts and leaders who will contribute to the society of tomorrow will work in a world of diverse values.
  • Kyoto University of Advanced Science is committed to education and research that takes the initiative in solving global issues by looking ahead to the future, identifying new issues that may arise, and integrating these with contemporary educational themes.
  • At KUAS, we will seek to produce dynamic, capable people who can take on the challenge of complex and multifaceted problems by combining world-class progressive-mindedness, adaptability, and morality with specialized knowledge, creative thinking, and foresight alongside a broad, holistic foundation of knowledge.