Facts & Figures

Kyoto University of Advanced Science (KUAS) looks back on its 50-year history as an accredited private educational institution in the academic heartland of Japan.
Since its founding in 1969, KUAS has made history as a university of “practical learning”.
In recent years, KUAS has put the implementation of educational reforms on a fast track to meet the needs of the times. The establishment of innovative English-taught programs is one major example of these efforts, as KUAS continues to strengthen its commitment to being at the apex of modern education.

1969 Establishment of Kyoto Gakuen University and the Faculty of Economics

Kyoto Gakuen University was established in Kameoka City, with the aim of developing human resources who think from a global perspective and act independently. The Department of Economics and the Department of Business Administration were established within the Faculty of Economics.

1989 Establishment of Faculty of Law

In response to a society where problems are solved and prevented by law, the Faculty of Law was established. The Faculty of Law was reorganized into the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration in 2015.

1991 Establishment of Faculty of Business Administration

With the reorganization of the Faculty of Economics, the Department of Business Administration was created within the Faculty of Business Administration. Even in present day, educational initiatives that emphasize hands-on learning are practiced in the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration.

1994 Establishment of Graduate Schools

The Graduate School of Law and Business and Law Master’s Programs were established. In the following academic year, a regional production program for the Graduate School of Economics was established.

1999 Establishment of Faculty of Human Culture

The Faculty of Human Culture, Department of Human Relations and Department of Cultural Communication were established. The Human Culture Faculty was reorganized into the Faculty of Humanities in 2015.

2006 Establishment of Faculty of Bioenvironmental Sciences

The Faculty of Bioenvironmental Sciences and the Department of Bioscience and Biotechnology were established. Classes for this faculty are held at the Bioenvironmental Sciences Building on Kameoka Campus.

2015 Opening of Uzumasa Campus
Establishment of Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

In addition to the establishment of the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, the existing faculties and departments were restructured into a new, progressive 4-faculty 10-department system. Focusing on areas that are in high demand in society, an educational system that fosters solid expertise and practical skills was established. In addition, the new Kyoto Uzumasa Campus was established in an area with a high concentration of cultural assets and convenient access to the central business area, creating an educational environment.

2018 Shigenobu Nagamori Appointed to Chairman

Aiming to take the next step and compete in a global society by offering its academic resources to the international arena, KUAS appointed the CEO of a Kyoto-based and globally successful firm as chairman.

2019 Institution Name Changed to Kyoto University of Advanced Science

On the occasion of the university’s 50th anniversary, the institution’s name was changed to Kyoto University of Advanced Science. The term “University of Advanced Science” expresses the determination to develop human resources with deep expertise and a world-class spirit of innovation.

2020 Establishment of Faculty of Engineering and Graduate School of Engineering

The Faculty of Engineering, Department of Mechanical and Electrical Systems Engineering and Graduate School of Engineering were established in April 2020. Newly constructed international dormitories welcome international students from across the world. KUAS strives to create an internationalized Faculty of Engineering that stands out like never before by fostering talent that excels in technical skills sought out by many companies, such as motor engineering and robotics. In conjunction with this, South Building, also called the Engineering Building, was constructed, becoming the largest building at Uzumasa Campus.