The International Student Dormitory Residence Uzumasa D (men only)

International Student Dormitory Residence D is located just a few minutes’ walk from Uzumasa Campus, making it very convenient for commuting.
Communal spaces include the kitchen, shower rooms and laundry machines. There are two options for room sizes, both of which are air-conditioned and equipped with a desk, bed and closet.
This dormitory is for men only. Dormitory E, which is identical to Dorm D, is an all-women’s dormitory.
Move-in Fee
(Key Money)
Monthly Room rent Monthly Bedding Fee
20,000 JPY 2F
20㎡ / 9 rooms
50,000 JPY 1,650 JPY
20㎡ / 9 rooms
51,000 JPY
20㎡ / 9 rooms
52,000 JPY
20㎡ / 9 rooms
53,000 JPY
10㎡ / 20 rooms
29,000 JPY
Move-in Fee includes dorm maintenance fees.
Room rent includes utilities.
No meals are provided in this dormitory. Weekday meals (2/day) can be provided at the campus cafeteria for an additional 20,000 JPY/month upon request.
Monthly Bedding Fee will only be charged to those who request monthly bedding.
Prices are subject to change.