Humanities (Japanese Program)

Faculty of Humanities

The Faculty of Humanities is comprised of two departments: the Department of History and Cultural Studies and the Department of Psychology. Through the study of human psychology, history and knowledge, the Faculty of Humanities will equip students with the knowledge to be active leaders in the modern society.

Department of History and Cultural Studies

The Department of History and Cultural Studies focuses on fieldwork and analysis of historical materials. Students actively visit festivals and historical sites around the historic city of Kyoto, in a learning style that provides them with insights from beyond the classroom. Students can study aspects central to Japanese culture such as ghastly apparitions and superstitions, classical Japanese literature and Buddhist history. The curriculum covers not only a deep exploration of culture, but also the history of politics and economics. As an example of cultural study, students will experience the traditional performance of Noh, as well as food culture, classical literature and the history of language.

Department of Psychology

The Department of Psychology features a practical approach, with hands-on psychological experiments and counseling that help develop our students’ ability to communicate with and support others. Students can learn methods to scientifically understand the human mind and behavior, as well as the communication skills essential to contribute to various organizations and regions. This knowledge will be of value in a range of career paths, including health, welfare, childcare, consulting, market research and public relations. Graduates will also complete the basic studies required to gain recognition as a Clinical Psychotherapist.

These programs are taught in Japanese. International students will need Japanese ability equivalent to JLPT N2 level or above. For the admissions of International students to these programs, please visit our Japanese site.