Dr. Shintaro Adachi Certified as “IOP Trusted Reviewer” by the Institute of Physics (IOP)

Sep 22, 2023


In September, Dr. Shintaro Adachi, Assistant Professor of KUAS Faculty of Engineering, Nagamori Institute of Actuators, was selected as an IOP Trusted Reviewer by IOP Publishing.

“IOP Trusted Reviewer” is a title given to researchers who continue to conduct outstanding reviews of manuscripts submitted to IOP journals before publication. IOP Publishing has recognized Dr. Adachi as an IOP Trusted Reviewer with a peer review quality rating of 5 out of 5, putting him in the top 15% overall.

Dr. Adachi commented on his achievement, stating, “I am glad that the content of my reviews was positively evaluated. I will continue to do my best to contribute to the development of science and society.”

(Tadayuki Imai, Faculty of Engineering)